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Free shipping on all Family Garden

Cooking a new and delicious dinner every night can be a challenge. Being plant based for over 5 years now, I still have to hit the internet or a cookbook for something new from time to time. I have compiled a list of veggie-driven, vibrant, flavorful, plant based dinner recipes, to make knowing what to make for dinner easy.


This round up of plant based dinner recipes are found from some of my personal favorite vegans in the community. During my research to find some of these recipes, I also found a few new ones that I want to try on my own! This list was created with a heavy influence of women creators who bring their own stories and authenticity to their dishes. Enjoy!




Veganized Korean Food by The Korean Vegan



Veganized Chinese by Hannah Che



Taste of Mushrooms



BBQ Time



For Burgers Fans



For Pasta Lovers



Soup for Cold Nights






Next-Level Salad Recipes




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