The first thing people ask us when they see a Rise Garden are...

Q: Do I need to connect it to a water supply?

A: No! You add water just like an outdoor garden with a watering can of some kind.

Q: Is it hard to plant the plants?

A: No! Not at all. It's as easy as opening a box, putting a pod in a net cup and placing it in your system. You don't even get your fingers dirty!

Q: Is it hard to maintain?

A: Not at all. You just add nutrients and water once a week and our app can help guide you through that. You add the nutrients from a bottle that we send you every three months (if you're in the subscription plan) in the same hole you added the water. You also check the pH of the water, but we provide the meter for that.

Q: What are nutrients?

A: The are essentially macronutrients that plants need. We've named them sprout, thrive and blossom and you'll add them when the app tells you, depending on what your plants need.

Q: How fast do the plants grow?

A: Fast! You can grow an entire head of lettuce in 22-25 days.

Q: How many plants grow on each level?

A: Up to 12, but you might want to leave a bit of room if you're growing a big plant like peppers and tomatoes.