Nutrient Sensor

Our 3-in-1 sensor allows you to measure the water temperature, EC level, and pH level of your Garden!

Pre-calibrated: When you order a Nutrient Sensor, it comes pre-calibrated so that you can get right to Gardening without the hassle.

Supported by Rise Gardens app: Before adding nutrients, use the Nutrient Sensor to measure the EC (dissolved nutrients) and pH level (acidity) in your Indoor Garden. Enter these measurements into the app to calculate the amount of each nutrient you should add. It’s gardening made simple!

Fits perfectly in your Garden: On the left-hand side of your Indoor Garden is an opening perfectly sized to accommodate the Nutrient Sensor. You can leave the sensor in this spot between uses, or remove it and store until the next use.


  • Four LR44 batteries included.
  • Reads temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.
  • Sensor cap allows you to protect and properly store the sensor between uses.
  • $30.50 USD
We currently have 17 in stock.

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