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pH Balance

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  • Description

    pH Balance lowering solution helps you keep your pH in the targeted range of 5.8 and allows your plants to uptake their nutrients. You may need to add more or less to your garden depending on your tap water, so make sure to use our app to appropriately dose your garden.

  • Purpose

    In order to absorb nutrients, your plants need a pH close to 5.8. Adding this solution will help you keep your plants healthy by lowering your pH. Follow app instructions to know how many squirts you need to add. Make sure you add pH Balance every time you add water.

  • Plants

    pH Balance is necessary for controlling your pH so every plant will use this nutrient.

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    "My daughters are young and I thought a smart garden would give us a fun learning tool. We received our garden today and I assembled it in an hour or less. Everything is running and ready!" 

    - Kathryn, Fort Worth, TX
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    "We just started. Putting together the unit was not difficult. The instructions were perfect. Now we are growing. We had some questions and customer service was extremely helpful."

    - T.D Merges, Michigan
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    "I live in an area where the air quality is too toxic to safely grow food outdoors, so I knew an indoor garden would be the best way to go. I love the way my Rise garden looks in my modern loft."

    - Michelle, Oakland, CA

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