DC40 Pump

DC40 Pump

Curated for hydroponic success™

The Pump plays a crucial role in your Indoor Garden: it carries water and vital nutrients to each of your plants, running constantly to promote healthy plant growth.

We currently use two different pump models. To find out which model is currently used by your Indoor Garden, take a look at the white sticker on the pump to find the model number (starting with DC30 or DC40). 

Inlet (outer diameter): 14 mm
Outlet (outer diameter): 10 mm
Weight: 220 grams

100% waterproof - can be fully submerged in water tank.
Can be dismantled for cleaning using a Phillips-head screwdriver.
Auto-shutoff feature prevents the pump from running dry.
Maximum water flow: 400 liters per hour.
Voltage: 12V / Current: 0.70A

Material: Nylon 66 (PA66) - non-recyclable.

Note: The DC40 Pump requires an external power supply to be plugged directly into your power source (sold separately). Do not plug the DC40 Pump into your Control Board. Click here for the DC40 Power Supply! 

More details
  • Not compatible with all garden models. Check labels
  • Ships in 2-5 days

Nutrient-packed superfoood

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