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Single Family Garden

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    The beauty of a garden — right inside your home. This modern, modular indoor garden fits in any room of any size home, allowing you to grow your own herbs, veggies and leafy greens all year long. Wi-Fi enabled and app-controlled, there’s no guesswork involved. With smart hydroponic technology, it’s self-watering and self-fertilizing. Just look to the app to know exactly when to add nutrients and water, manage lights and track progress. You’ll even be guided as to when to harvest and enjoy all the farm-to-table deliciousness.

    Self-Watering & Grow Lights

    A five-gallon self-watering system keeps plants watered and oxygenated. It requires about three gallons of water per week.

    Grow lights are a custom LED panel that mimics the sun and provides the broad spectrum of light plants need to grow.

    Grow lights are about 35 watts and electrical consumption is 70 watts.

    What You'll Need

    Power access to standard power outlet and about 36" x 16" space.


    36 x 16 x 39 (L x D x H in inches)
    60 lbs


    Grow 12 plants out of the box. You can increase capacity by adding up to two more levels and high capacity tray lids to increase to up to 108 plants.


    *16 Seed Pods:

    2x Salad Mix Box: Bronze Arrowhead Lettuce, Parris Island Cos Lettuce, Astro Arugula, Red-Streaked Mizuna Mustard

    1x Herb Mix Box: Super Sweet Genovese Basil, Common Sage, Forest Green Parsley, Santo Cilantro

    1x Variety Pack: Little Bing Tomato, Starbor Kale, Swiss Chard, Snackable Red Pepper

    You'll also get one month's worth of hydroponic nutrients which include 1 starter bottle of each of the following:

    18 Net Cups


    *Seed pods variety may vary. Subject to availability. May change without notice.

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    All Rise Gardens come with a hassle free 3-year warranty for hardware components and 1-year warranty on electronic components. For detailed overview see our Warranty Policy.

Looking For Another Size?

Choose Your Indoor Garden

Find the Right Rise Garden For You

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  • Personal Indoor Garden Personal Indoor Garden

    Personal Rise Garden

    • $279.00
    Learn More >
    • 18” L x 11” D x 16”H
    • 20 Lbs
    • 40W consumption
    • 1 Gal of water per week
    • Counter top Garden
    • 8 plants
    • Upgrade up to 12 plants
    • Includes 8 seed pods
  • Single Indoor Garden Single Indoor Garden

    Single Family Garden

    • $549.00
    Learn More >
    • 36” L x 16” D x 39”H
    • 60 lbs
    • 70W consumption
    • 2 Gal of water per week
    • 1 Level. Upgrade +2
    • 12 plants
    • Upgrade up to 36 plants
    • Includes 16 seed pods
  • Double Indoor Garden Double Indoor Garden

    Double Family Garden

    • $749.00
    Learn More >
    • 36” L x 16” D x 52 5/8”H
    • 83 lbs
    • 130W consumption
    • 3 Gal of water per week
    • 2 Levels. Upgrade +1
    • 24 plants
    • Upgrade up to 72 plants
    • Includes 32 seed pods
  • Triple Indoor Garden Triple Indoor Garden

    Triple Family Garden

    • $949.00
    Learn More >
    • 36” L x 16” D x 66 1/4”H
    • 106 lbs
    • 200W consumption
    • 4 Gal of water per week
    • 3 Levels. Max capacity
    • 36 plants
    • Upgrade up to 108 plants
    • Includes 48 seed pods

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Need Some Inspiration?

Meet Real Life Rise Gardeners

Modular Design

The modular system also allows you to upgrade by adding a Garden Extension which gives you an additional level to up to a total of 3 levels. Additionally, you can upgrade to 8 or 12 Pod Tray Lids which increase your capacity for each level from 12 plants per level to up to 24 plants per level.

  • Add up to 3 levels per garden
  • Increase your plant capacity with our 8 or 12 Pod Tray Lid

  • Indoor Garden Extension

    $200.00 Explore
  • 12 Pod Tray Lid

    $19.99 Explore

Self Watering Technology

All Rise Gardens have patent-pending self watering technology that allows the water to flow through each level without wasting water. Because it's self watering, all you have to do is refill the water tank once a week and the indoor garden takes care of the rest!

  • Water flow guarantees delivery oxygen to the roots.
  • 90% more efficient use of water.
  • Production increases up to 10 times in the same space.
  • Many crops can be produced twice as fast.

App-Enabled Indoor Garden

All of our indoor gardens are app-enabled so fresh herbs and veggies are literally at your fingertips! The app takes the guess work out and guides you along the way.

  • Keep track of your plants
  • Know what to do at each stage of growth
  • Add the right mix of nutrients
  • Reminds you to add water & nutrients
  • Manage Lights

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