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Tea Garden Bundle

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     For the tea lover looking to make a fresh cup for some quiet time or if you're hosting & want to showcase your passion for tea to your guests. Fresh cup of tea directly from your garden year round. Indoor garden sold separately.


    Classic Lemon Balm 4 pack
    German Chamomile 4 pack
    Sweet Leaf Stevia 4 pack
    Peppermint Mint 4 pack
    Vicenza Blue Apex Lavender 4 pack
    Classic Rosemary 4 pack
    Classic Sage 4 pack
    Butterfly Friend Borage 4 pack

    Indoor garden sold separately.

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People Love Rise Gardens

  • Excited to Begin!

    "My daughters are young and I thought a smart garden would give us a fun learning tool. We received our garden today and I assembled it in an hour or less. Everything is running and ready!" 

    - Kathryn, Fort Worth, TX
  • Happy With Our Garden

    "We just started. Putting together the unit was not difficult. The instructions were perfect. Now we are growing. We had some questions and customer service was extremely helpful."

    - T.D Merges, Michigan
  • Looks Great in Any Room

    "I live in an area where the air quality is too toxic to safely grow food outdoors, so I knew an indoor garden would be the best way to go. I love the way my Rise garden looks in my modern loft."

    - Michelle, Oakland, CA

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