Earth Day

With our sustainable hydroponic technology, you'll be doing your part to protect the planet while enjoying the freshest produce around.

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Water Conservation

Water Conservation

Hydroponic technology conserves water by limiting water lost to evaporation, resulting in substantially higher water efficiency compared to soil-based cultivation. As the effects of climate change worsen, access to municipal water becomes a major impact on food production, and water restrictions may limit the ability to grow outdoor plants. Utilizing hydroponic systems for indoor growing can help build a more resilient food system by using less water per plant.

Food Miles

Food Miles

Food miles are the life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions associated with food production against long-distance distribution. They help to show how long it takes for food to reach our plates. Most food in the US is grown in California and shipped across the globe, leading to high food miles. By using Rise Gardens, consumers can recover some of these food miles by growing their own produce at home.



The average customer uses Rise Gardens for 3.3 years. After thorough in-house testing, we determined that the electronics in the New Rise Garden model were designed to last at least 5 years, and improvements were made to increase durability and efficiency. Recycling or reusing the garden are the most sustainable, with passing on the garden to someone else or restarting the garden also being options. If recycling is needed, there are recycling centers that can handle specific parts of the garden.

Office Sustainability

Office Sustainability

78% of Rise employees reported working from home either sometimes or always. Those who do commute to the office typically use sustainable transportation methods, like public transport or cycling/walking. We’ve also taken steps to reduce our office supply + kitchen waste by purchasing sustainable tissues, recycling mailers with EcoShip, and diverting all food and plant waste through WasteNotCompost.

Rise users

There are 3 different metrics we currently report on in order to frame the impact that our users have on their food systems.

  • Total Pounds Of Produce Grown

    As of December 2022, 157,576 lbs of produce were grown by all Rise customers. This is tracked using successful harvest data from our app and dates back to 2019.

  • Water Diverted

    As of December 2022, 4,254,494 gallons of water have been diverted by all Rise customers. This is calculated by taking all harvest data and comparing Rise Garden water usage to that of conventional agriculture.

  • Food Miles Diverted

    As of December 2022, 231,184,914 food miles have been diverted by all Rise customers. This is calculated on a per-plant basis using the same methods described in the ‘Food Miles’ section of this document.

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