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Green your grill this Father’s Day

We’ve teamed up with Big Green Egg to give away $1800 in products. Win a MiniMax Big Green Egg Package + a Triple Family Garden!


The Triple Family Garden

Meet our 3 level, self-watering, self-fertilizing hydroponic garden that enables garden to table without the hassle. You can grow the freshest herbs, veggies, or leafy greens year-round! With a companion mobile app, you can know exactly when to add nutrients, add water, manage lights, track progress of your plants and know when to harvest. Garden to table is literally at your fingertips!

MiniMax Big Green Egg Package

The MiniMax Big Green Egg is proof that great things come in small packages. With a sturdy, easy to grip Carrier, the MiniMax is perfect for camping, tailgating or going wherever your next pop-up event happens. MiniMax is built to perform and is ready to travel!

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