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Sign Up and Get 5% Off on your first Rise Gardens

Hydroponic Garden Made to Fit Any Home

The indoor garden with hydroponic technology made for any home or office. Grow your favorite herbs, vegetables, and fruit year round.

Hydroponic Garden
Made to Fit Any Home

Grow your favorite herbs, vegetables, and fruit

year round.

Garden Year-Round

A professional-grade hydroponics system for your home. Bigger and faster growing plants, better tasting produce, and a beautiful garden that will thrive in any room.

Grow Your Favorite Herbs & Vegetables Year Round

Customize your garden with a selection of 60+ plant varieties, carefully chosen based on their ability to thrive in Rise Gardens’ hydroponic environment. None of our plants need harmful chemicals (like pesticides) to grow.

Our fruiting plants: Little Big Tomatoes, Fresh Bite Orange Peppers, Snackable Red Peppers

Our green leafy vegetables: Red Oak Lettuce, Romaine, Swiss Chard

Our herbs: Basil Genovese, Chamomile, Cilantro, Italian Parsley, Mint

Tend To Your Indoor Garden from Your Phone

Rise Gardens' app (iOS, Android) lets you adjust your garden’s lights and set them to a schedule. It also provides helpful maintenance reminders, and calculates the amount and types of nutrients your garden needs each week, based on a simple pH reading (pH reader included).

Experience All the Benefits of Hydroponics

Due to the water-based, nutrient-rich environment of a hydroponic garden, plants grow 25-30% faster than the same plants grown in soil. And though it’s a water-based system, it has minimal evaporation, meaning it’s actually conserving water.

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STEP 1: Select Nutrients

Whether you want to fortify fragile first stems or nurture a plant’s late-stage growth, there is a nutrient mix to help.

You'll need Ph and Thrive on a weekly basis. Sprout is used in the early stages of your plants' lives and Blossom is used in later stages when you are growing fruiting or flowering plants.

STEP 2: Select Frequency

Decide on the frequency of delivery and never run short on the “food” that makes your plants happy.

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