Grow fresh herbs & vegetables year
round with our Smart Indoor Gardens!

Keep a steady crop of herbs, veggies and leafy greens sprouting all year long. Rise Gardens are Wi-Fi enabled and app-controlled, there’s no guesswork involved. You’ll even be guided as to when to harvest and enjoy all the farm-to-table deliciousness.

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Simple Indoor Hydroponic System

Happiness to growing indoors and happiness to your whole home

The beauty of a garden — right inside your home. This modern, modular indoor garden fits in any room of any size home, allowing you to grow your own herbs, veggies and leafy greens all year long.

All indoor gardens come with everything you need to get growing! A five-gallon self-watering system keeps plants watered and oxygenated. Grow lights are a custom LED panel that mimics the sun and provides the broad spectrum of light plants need to grow. By adding four types of nutrients, your hydroponic garden will grow happy and healthy!

Smart Indoor Garden

Vertical Farming technology at your fingertips

With a companion mobile app, you can know exactly when to add nutrients, add water, manage lights, track progress of your plants and know when to harvest. Garden to table is literally at your finger tips!

  • Starter Kit including Seeds & Nutrients
  • Self Watering & Grow Lights
  • App Enabled Hydroponic System
  • Modular system, add up to three levels!
  • 1 year Warranty

Nutrient Subscription

Save up to 35% OFF and get products delivered to your doorstep, on your schedule.

  • It's Personalized
  • Free Shipping
  • Skip a Month
  • Cancel at any time!
  • 1. Choose a Plan

    Customize the perfect plan for you. You can choose the best Nutrient combo for your Garden.

  • 2. Select Frequency

    You don’t have to worry about restocking. Customize frequency that fits best for you. You can Pause or change it at any Time!

  • 3. Happy Garden, Happy You

    Nutrients make your Garden happy.
    A happy Garden means more time to enjoy gardening and less time worrying about restocking!

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    Subscription FAQ

    • Can I make changes to my subscription selection?

      Once you complete your Subscription purchase, first order will be generated. You will be able to make changes for the upcoming orders (Billing and Shipping information, Swap products, Skip order, pause orncel Subscription. Access "My Account" to manage Subscription

    • Can I pause or skip a delivery?

      Yes! You can skip an order up to 48 hours before shipping. Orders will arrive on a recurring basis the same day of the month according to the chosen periodicity. You can also Cancel at any time.

    • Can I cancel my subscription?

      You can cancel at any time. If you cancel your promotion it will expire. We recommend pausing the subscription to be able to reactivate it whenever you want.

    • Is shipping cost included?

      Shipping is Free! You can take advantage of the free shipping and add any seed pod or accessory to your purchase, it will be included in the free shipping rate

    • Can I change the delivery address for my subscription?

      Update your Billing and Shipping information at any time. Access "My Account" to manage.

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