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Personal Rise Garden

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  • Description

    Bring the garden straight to your counter. Taking up a tidy 18 inches, the Personal Rise Garden is perfect if you’re tight on space. WiFi-enabled and app-controlled, this is one of the most innovative indoor gardens out there — all the care and feeding is intuitively guided by our smart technology. Choose what you want to grow, from herbs to veggies to leafy greens. With the app, you’ll know exactly when to add nutrients and water, manage lights and track growth progress. Best of all, you’ll know when it’s harvest time. Enjoy a farm-to-table experience you don’t need to leave home for. It’s sure to sprout a passion for having healthy, fresh ingredients right within reach.

    Self-Watering & Grow Lights

    A one-gallon self watering system keeps plants watered and oxygenated for about one week.

    Grow lights are a custom LED panel that mimics the sun and provides the broad spectrum of light plants need to grow. Personal Rise Garden uses standard power outlet and draws 96W.

    What You'll Need

    Power access to standard power and about 18" x 11" of space.


    18 x 11 x 16 (L x D x H in inches)

    10 lbs


    Grow 8 plants out of the box. Max capacity is 12 plants.

  • Included In Starter Kit

    *8 Seed Pods:
    1x Herb Mix 4 Pack: Super Sweet Genovese Basil, Common Sage, Forest Green Parsley, Santo Cilantro

    1x Salad Mix 4 Pack: Bronze Arrowhead Lettuce, Parris Island Cos Lettuce, Astro Arugula, Red-Streaked Mizuna Mustard

    You'll also get six week's worth of hydroponic nutrients which include 1 starter bottle of each of the following:


    8 Net Cups

    *Seed pods variety may vary. Subject to availability. May change without notice.


    Available & ready to ship!

    All Rise Gardens come with a hassle free 3-year warranty for hardware components and 1-year warranty on electronic components. For detailed overview see our Warranty Policy.

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    • Personal Indoor Garden Personal Indoor Garden

      Personal Rise Garden

      • $279.00
      Learn More >
      • 18” L x 11” D x 16”H
      • 20 Lbs
      • 40W consumption
      • 1 Gal of water per week
      • Counter top Garden
      • 8 plants
      • Upgrade up to 12 plants
      • Includes 8 seed pods
    • Single Indoor Garden Single Indoor Garden

      Single Family Garden

      • $679.00
      Learn More >
      • 36” L x 16” D x 39”H
      • 60 lbs
      • 70W consumption
      • 2 Gal of water per week
      • 1 Level. Upgrade +2
      • 12 plants
      • Upgrade up to 36 plants
      • Includes 16 seed pods
    • Double Indoor Garden Double Indoor Garden

      Double Family Garden

      • $879.00
      Learn More >
      • 36” L x 16” D x 52 5/8”H
      • 83 lbs
      • 130W consumption
      • 3 Gal of water per week
      • 2 Levels. Upgrade +1
      • 24 plants
      • Upgrade up to 72 plants
      • Includes 32 seed pods
    • Triple Indoor Garden Triple Indoor Garden

      Triple Family Garden

      • $1,079.00
      Learn More >
      • 36” L x 16” D x 66 1/4”H
      • 106 lbs
      • 200W consumption
      • 4 Gal of water per week
      • 3 Levels. Max capacity
      • 36 plants
      • Upgrade up to 108 plants
      • Includes 48 seed pods

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    Meet Real Life Rise Gardeners

    Comes With 8 Seed Pods

    With your Personal Rise Garden, you will receive 8 seeded biodegradable pods with smart soil, enough to fill your garden to the brim and get you started.

    Smart Gardens for Small Spaces

    Working in tandem with the Rise Gardens app, LED lights will light up on the panel when you need to add water or nutrients to your indoor garden. The light button allows you to manually dim or shut off the grow lights if you want to override the automatic light schedule.

    Rise Gardens App Graphic With Personal Garden
    Rise Gardens App Graphic with Garden on background

    Rise Gardens App

    The Rise Gardens app tracks your indoor garden's progress, reminds you when to add water and nutrients, and guides you along the way. It's your very own professional gardener in your pocket.

    • Guides You Along the way
    • Keep Track of Your Plants
    • Never Worry About Killing Your Plants Again
    • Reminds You to Add Water & Nutrients
    • Manage Lights

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    Whether you want to fortify fragile first stems or nurture a plant’s late-stage growth, there is a nutrient mix to help.

    You'll need Ph and Thrive on a weekly basis. Sprout is used in the early stages of your plants' lives and Blossom is used in later stages when you are growing fruiting or flowering plants.

    STEP 2: Select Frequency

    Decide on the frequency of delivery and never run short on the “food” that makes your plants happy.

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