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The Rise Roma

Experience the impossible! Now you can grow Roma tomatoes inside your kitchen, expanding the limit of your gardening possibilities. Watch the magic of the Rise Roma unfold!
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Included: (1) Rise Garden Base, (1) Rise Roma extension, (16) Starter Plant Variety Pack, (1) Tomato Starter Kit, (3) 4-Pod Trays, (18) Net Cups, (1) Nursery

Shipments: Shipments: 
1°: Base Garden (1-Level) + Tomato Seed Kit| 2°: Rise Roma extension | . Learn More


The only indoor garden designed to grow BIG

The Rise Roma is an elevated take on our classic Rise Garden. Powerful adjustable lighting and a strong support system pave the way for BIG growth, indoors.

Crafted to nurture full-size plants all year long

Grow more than cherry tomatoes with 38” of grow height

  • 38” Growing Height
  • Adjustable Full Spectrum LED Panels
  • Thirst quenching circular water system


  • No more tiny cherry tomatoes!

  • Eggplants

  • Cucumbers

  • Okra

  • Peppers

  • Heirloom Tomatoes

  • Dwarf Fig Tree

  • Roma Tomato

  • Dwarf Lemon Tree

See the growth. The adaptable indoor hydroponic garden integrates with your space and evolves with your planting needs. It's a new level of cultivation at home.

Adjustable lights
to Rise to new heights

Adjustable lights designed to provide 3x photosynthesis for BIG growth

  • 3X the photosynthesis

Support for big growth

A grow through frame paired with a mesh trellis supports the juiciest of fruits

  • Robust trellising

Gravity guided growth

Patented gravitational watering system delivers a steady stream of water to all your plants

  • Automated and app controlled

Larger tank so your
are never thirsty

For the moments you need to leave
your green space

  • 9 gallon water tank

Already have a rise garden? Start growing Roma Tomatoes today

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Elevate your home

The Roma is designed to beautifully fit the home of your dreams. Every detail was inspired by sustainable interior design and crafted to the highest standards.

A garden that grows with you

Easily adjusted to fit all your growing
needs from leafy greens to BIG fruit

  • Modular design

Designed to be sustainable

We use easily recycled materials like wood and metal so your garden stands the test of time

  • Sustainable design

New recipes unlocked

From salads to sauces the
Roma can grow it all.

Explore exciting Recipes

Gardening designed with you in mind

A Rise Garden for every step of your growing journey

Explore garden collection
  • For growers who want leafy green growing machines

    8 plants at a time

    Buy now
  • For growers who want a little bit of this and a little bit of that

    From 12 to 36 plants

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  • For growers who want it all

    From 36 to 108 plants

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  • For growers who want to grow BIG

    Big fruiting plants

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First indoor garden
designed to grow this BIG

The Roma grows like no other garden

  • Rise Roma

    • 38" Max grow height
    • 9gal of water
    • 200w
    • Modular light panels
    • Full spectrum LED lights
    • 3x the light
    • 400lbs of produce a year
    • Large fruits
    • Dwarf trees
    • Roots
    • Leafy Greens & Herbs
    • 80+ plant varieties
    • $2.50 per pod
  • Gardyn

    • 6" Max grow height
    • 6gal of water
    • 75w
    • Fixed light bars
    • Full spectrum LED lights
    • 1x the light
    • 120lbs of produce a year
    • X
    • X
    • X
    • Leafy Greens & Herbs
    • 60+ plant varieties
    • $4.99 per pod
  • Lettuce Grow

    • 6" Max grow height
    • 20gal of water
    • 90w
    • Fixed light rings
    • Full spectrum LED lights
    • 1x the light
    • 120lbs of produce a year
    • X
    • X
    • X
    • Leafy Greens & Herbs
    • 25+ plant varieties
    • $3 per pod

Everything you need to know about Rise Roma

Need help?
  • Our indoor garden is designed to accommodate larger plants, measuring at a 38 inches grow height, making it spacious enough for optimal growth. You can grow beyond the grow height but plants become very unruly and difficult to manage so be sure to keep up with regular pruning.
  • While this product is designed for larger plants, you can grow a variety of plants ranging from full size fruiting plants, dwarf trees, and even some bushing fruit plants. Always check the individual plant’s care instructions for specific needs, but we encourage you to experiment away!
  • Yes, our indoor garden comes with adjustable LED grow lights that cater to the needs of larger plants, promoting healthy growth and maximum photosynthesis.
  • Nutrients are added when the water level is low and the garden needs a refill. This can vary depending on the number of plants and the stage of each plant. For tomatoes and larger fruiting plants expect to add water and nutrients a couple of times per week. Follow the app's guidance for adding nutrients.
  • Absolutely! Depending on their size and growth patterns, you can grow multiple plants. Just be cautious of overcrowding, as each plant needs adequate space to thrive. We recommend between 1 - 4 full size plants in the Roma.
  • The Rise Roma is only compatible with the Second Generation Rise Garden. It is not comptaible with a First Generation Family Garden nor is it comptabile with a Personal Rise Garden.
  • Our model features an automated gravity fed watering system that ensures your plants receive a steady stream amount of water and nutrients. However, always monitor your plant’s moisture levels as individual needs can vary.
  • With the Garden Base you will receive 16 complimentary seed pods. These seeds will be an assorted mix of lettuces, herbs, roots and leafy greens. In January 2024 you will receive a Tomato Starter Kit with 4 seed pods.

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