The Rise Garden general information

  • We’re always looking for ways to bring our customers the best experience possible, so we integrated feedback from our community to make our Family Gardens even better with our new Rise Garden. Some of the changes we’ve made include:

    a. Easier assembly
    b. Wood - Thicker, rounded wood with different attachment methods for easier assembly and a refined appearance
    c. Metal - Lighter for easier assembly and curved for a refined appearance
    d. Plastics - Custom-molded food-grade, BPA-free, phthalate-free PE or PP reservoir, trays, lids and rigid pipes with refined shapes for better water flow and easier cleaning, plus an expanded water reservoir
    e. Electronics - Re-designed, water-resistance enclosures w/ ruggedized connectors, easy to remove and replace (if necessary), increased reliability and compatibility for future accessories, improved pump dry-run protection
    f. Hardware - Adjustable feet, fewer and larger screws for easier assembly, single-piece tubing, quick-connect to pump

  • Our Gardens are designed in Chicago and manufactured in Mexico.

  • No, our garden has been designed to accommodate one tall and up to two short levels. Modifying the Garden beyond how it has been designed could make the Garden top-heavy and unstable.

  • Our Gardens come with a complimentary Starter Kit to get your Garden growing. We include an assortment of pre-selected seeds. We’re unable to accommodate special requests or substitutes.

  • For Rise Gardens in our Cloud colorway, the wood is natural pine. For Rise Gardens in our Dark Slate colorway, the wood is pine with a custom Chestnut stain. Because we use natural materials, the shade and grain of the wood may vary.

The Rise Gardens Specs

  • PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) is a measure of the intensity of light usable by plants. At the surface of the plant pods, PAR averages 130 for a tall level and 200 for a short level. PAR rises as plants approach the lights.

  • a. 1 Level is 50 lbs*, W: 36.25 inches, D:16.25 inches, H: 39.5 inches
    b. 2 Level Garden is 65 lbs*, W: 36.25 inches, D: 16.25 inches, H: 53 inches
    c. 3 Level Garden is 80 lbs*, W: 36.25 inches, D: 16.25 inches, H: 66.75 inches

    *before adding water/plants

  • All plastics that touch your plants or water are food-safe. The tubing, pipes, water trays, tray lids, and reservoirs are made of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP). Net cups are acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). The pump housing is nylon. Electronic enclosures are ABS and/or an ABS/polycarbonate (PC) alloy.

  • The base level of the Garden has the tallest grow space with a 17 inch grow height. For the top level of the Garden, there is 12.5 inches of grow space. For the middle level of a Triple Family Garden, the grow height between a tray and tray lights on the bottom of another tray is 11 inches. Plants should be pruned to stay about an inch away from the lights.

  • We strive to build a sustainable, aesthetically pleasing, and durable indoor garden that lives in your home and fits into your lifestyle. The Rise Garden is built with metal, wood, and plastic. Our design and engineering team worked together to create a garden that is 60% metal and wood, while minimizing the plastic footprint to spaces where water and plants touch, approximately 25% of the garden. The remaining 15% of the garden materials are electronics, cables, and small hardware.

The Rise Garden Operation & Maintenance

  • 1 - Level Rise Garden uses 75W of power when the lights are on, and 15W when lights are off. With the default setting of 16 hrs on and 8 hrs off, this is 43kWh/mo. Electricity cost per kWh varies dramatically by location, so if your electricity costs an average of $0.20/kWh, the monthly cost would be approximately $9 per month.

    2 - Level Rise Garden uses 135W of power when the lights are on, and 15W when lights are off. With the default setting of 16 hrs on and 8 hrs off, this is 71kWh/mo. If your electricity costs an average of $0.20/kWh, the monthly cost would be approximately $14 per month.

    3 - Level Rise Garden uses 195W of power when the lights are on, and 15W when lights are off. With the default setting of 16 hrs on and 8 hrs off, this is 100kWh/mo. If your electricity costs an average of $0.20/kWh, the monthly cost would be approximately $20 per month.

  • We offer 3 different tray lids for our Gardens, a 4-pod, an 8-pod, and a 12-pod tray lid. The 4-pod tray lid is designed for our largest plants like tomatoes, peppers, and kale. The 8-pod tray lid is best used for baby greens, herbs, beets, or plants you intend to transplant into soil. The 12-pod tray lid is suitable for compact growing like radishes, cilantro, and microgreens. On a three-level Garden, if you use 9 of our 12-pod tray lids, you can grow 108 plants.

  • The amount of time a Garden can run before the water reservoir needs refilling and Care depends on the plants that are growing the Garden. In general, larger plants will require watering and maintenance more often.

  • We designed the plastics in our Garden to fit in a dishwasher and are dishwasher safe. These include tray lids, the drain adapter and any rigid tubing. For the large inner tray, we recommend using a soft sponge to scrub the tray and avoid scratches. Our trays are designed with a smooth finish to make wiping off any nutrient buildup or plant debris easier. However, using a rough sponge or material to clean the trays may scratch the smooth, polished finish, and over time, make the trays harder to clean.

  • Yes, however, any third-party electronics should not be directly connected to the Garden’s electronics and therefore must be used with its own power supply. Please note that it voids our warranty to attach any non-approved third-party electronics to our control modules.

  • EC/pH sensors are notoriously unreliable in the hydroponic community. The most reliable sensors tend to be very expensive and still need regular calibration. Our Rise Labs team was determined to solve this well-known issue by developing our innovative, patent-pending SmartCare technology that utilizes proprietary data to generate specialized care for your plants.

Original Family Garden Specs

  • Out of the box, each level in a Family Garden supports up to 12 plants at a time. However, you may choose to leave some open spaces to create room for larger plant varieties such as tomatoes or peppers. A Personal Garden can accommodate up to 8 plants out of the box. Want to maximize your garden’s capacity? Our 8 and 12 Pod Tray Lids (sold separately) allow you to adjust your space depending on the type and size of plants that you would like to grow for maximum output and efficiency. You can purchase both tray lids here, and make sure to check out this guide on how best to use them!

  • Its really easy! Click Here to see manuals.

  • Hydroponics is a method of growing plants in a water-based, nutrient-rich solution. Instead of using soil, Rise Garden plant root systems are supported by peat moss. By allowing plants direct contact with the nutrient solution, hydroponic plants mature 25-30% faster than the same plants grown in soil. Hydroponic plants grown in Rise Gardens are also chemical-free and use less water than traditional gardening techniques.

  • Your Rise Garden is made out of wood, metal, plastic and science. Most of your Rise Garden is recyclable and we can help you with that.

  • Once a week you need to add water and nutrients to your garden. When your plants reach maturity or have outgrown the unit, our app will notify you that it’s time to harvest your crops. Once every 6 months you should completely clean out your system using our all-natural cleaning solution. It should take about 30-45 minutes to clean, depending on how many levels you have.

  • While it isn’t required to use our app, we highly recommend it. The app helps you track your plants growth and water-level sensing features notify you when your water is running low. The app’s nutrient calculator provides custom recommendations on optimal nutrient plans for your unique garden and the growth stage of your plants. The app also allows you to set your light schedule and other custom settings.

  • Due to the type of microprocessor on board our smart garden, you cannot use 5Ghz and must use 2.4Ghz (if you have a 5G wifi, you should also have a 4G wifi). All wifi providers and types of routers are able to connect.

  • In order to maximize growth, we recommend cleaning your system every 4 months and we strongly recommend going no longer than 6 months. Cleaning includes emptying your system of all plants, removing all water, and using our all-natural cleaning agent. Not cleaning your system can lead to unpleasant smells and a build-up of left-over nutrients.

  • Rise Gardens can be placed anywhere in the home. They come with a light source, so there is no need to place it near a window. Please keep in mind that you will need to add water weekly and clean the unit from every 4-6 months.

  • You should add water through the service door on the left-hand side of your first lowest level. Adding water to higher levels could lead to unwanted spilling. It is also very important to never fill your system past the max fill line. If you do so, you risk overflowing your system and getting water on the floor. To avoid this, simply open your cabinet door and watch your water level on your water bin. This will also be reflected on your water level lights.

  • Our base unit can hold a total of 5 gallons of water, with 4 gallons in the water tank and 1 gallon in the tray. Every added level (no matter if its a tall or short level) adds 1 more gallon to your total volume. 1 level = 5 gallons / 2 levels = 6 gallons / 3 levels = 7 gallons

About Seeds

  • You should only have to add plant food once a week. Our app can walk you through how much to add. There may be times when you add more plant food than last time, this is because your plants are getting older. Or you may add less than a previous week, this is because you have added young plants to your garden and need to lower the amount of nutrients.

  • Many of our seed varieties are organic! However, our varieties depend on seasonal availability, so we cannot guarantee that all of our seeds are organic.

  • Our seed pods are made from a combination of coco coir and peat moss!

  • For big veggies (like eggplant, tomato, and cucumber) a Family Garden is ideal, as it offers extra growing space to allow the plants to flourish. Our smaller veggies (like lettuces and herbs) can be grown in any of our Garden models (Family Gardens and Personal Gardens).

  • Yes! We encourage our gardeners to try new plants. You can use Seedless Pods to grow your own plant varieties. Note that our seed varieties have been tested and approved by our Plant Scientists to grow well in a hydroponic environment. We cannot guarantee that other plants will grow well using our hydroponic system.

  • All of our seed pods have a shelf life of ~1 year, if stored in a cool, dark environment (between 30°F and 40°F). For more information, check out our guide for seed storage on our Help Center website

  • To change out a plant simply harvest the leaves or fruit from your plant, cut it at the base, carefully pull the net cup out with the roots attached, throw out or compost your roots, and clean the net cup. We recommend using a 1:2 vinegar to water mix whenever cleaning your system. Soap can leave residue and potentially unwanted bubbles.

  • To start a new plant place your pre-seeded plant pod into the provided nursery and wait the appropriate time for the seed to sprout. Once it has sprouted, it is now big enough to go into your system. Because you need this nursery stage, make sure to plan ahead when thinking through what you are going to grow and when you harvest.

  • To start a new plant, remove one from your box of 4 plant pods and place it inside a net cup. Then, put your pod into your nursery, add water, and wait for your plant to sprout. Once it grows to be about an inch tall, then you can put it into your garden. If you put a plant directly into your garden and you have added nutrients, you may risk your plant not germinating.

  • The system has enough light from the LEDs to grow your plants from start to finish. However, if you want to give your plants an extra boost, put your system near a window. Even though we have engineered a light panel to maximize growth, we are nowhere near the power of the sun.

Rise Membership

  • Rise members receive benefits like a seasonal box of growing supplies that includes a curated assortment of seeds and a nutrient bundle to grow them. Members also get access to free shipping on orders of $30 or more, a 15% discount on seeds, nutrients & accessories, freebies, and exclusive access to new seeds, events, and more!

  • Your membership starts the day you pick your plan and place an order!

  • Rise offers memberships for the Personal Rise Garden and the Rise Garden. Both have annual or seasonal membership plans. Don’t forget you can grow even more, for less with our annual plans!

  • Yes, but you’ll miss out on over $100 of savings per year on growing supplies and even more savings compared to the grocery store. Our membership is designed to give you a fun way to grow year round with seasonal themes and events, savings on supplies, and loyalty points to help you

  • A seasonal membership can be canceled after every season. After the first season ships, you are welcome to pause your next season at any time. An annual membership can be canceled after one year.

  • Yes, one of the biggest perks of becoming a member is free shipping on seasonal boxes and add-ons to the seasonal box. You also get 15% off and free shipping on any order over $30 from our web store!

  • Memberships can be purchased with a garden on checkout or after the purchase of your garden. Purchasing a membership along with your garden gives you savings on the garden + shipping. The seasonal membership is $60 every 90 days for the Personal Garden or $105 every 90 days for the Rise Garden. The annual membership is $180 for an entire year’s worth of growing for the Personal Garden or $360 for the Rise Garden.

Our Programs

  • Click here and read our refund policy.

  • Click here, and read our warranty policy.

  • Any customer who owns a Rise Garden is elegible for the referral program. Learn terms and conditions here

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