We are creating delightful experiences around growing food.

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Our mission is to connect people to the food they eat by inspiring them to grow food that they are proud of and can enjoy with family and friends. We value connecting with nature and loved ones, teaching the next generation the value of nutritious food and delighting our customers.

Reimagining how the food system works

Today the food system is broken, food is harvested from farms hundreds of miles from the store, losing more than half of the nutrients along the way. We imagine a future where we all know exactly what's in our food and where it comes from.

The future of food is here

Instead of food traveling hundreds or even over a thousand miles before it hits your plate, harvest the veggies, herbs and greens you need for dinner tonight in the comfort of your home. Join us in a slow food movement where we count our food miles in steps.

“I want to share my love and appreciation for gardening by making it more accessible, easier and fun for everyone. We aim to help people connect to their food and establish healthy eating habits.”

Grow what you eat with Rise Gardens´ hydroponic system

An easy system for growing your own food.

Rise Gardens System
  • Fresh from garden to table Now you can grow premium quality ingredients a few steps away from your kitchen!
  • Easy, healthy & fun No green thumb required knowledge required!. Fresher ingredients means more nutritious meals!
  • Reduce CO2 & Water waste Hydroponic systems grow fast, delicious produce and use less water than conventionally grown produce.
  • Free from pesticides Our nutrients were professionally cultivated to provide the nutrients found in soil.
  • Smart technology Gardening made easy with the Rise Gardens App. Step-by-step guidance from seed to harvest.
  • Quality Family Time Children are more likely to eat veggies when they grow them. They experiment and learn along the way too!

The Rise Collection

The personal Rise Garden

Up to 12 plants

Included with garden

8 seed pods
12 netcups
(1) 8-pod try lid
3 bottles of nutrients
1 nursery
Rise Gardens app

The New Rise Garden

Up to 108 plants

Included with garden

16 seed pods
18 netcups per level
(3) 4-pod tray lid
3 bottles of nutrients
1 nursery
Rise Gardens app

What gardeners are saying about us


This garden is amazing! I highly recommend it and if you have children I recommend it even more! My daughter (...) has been learning so much from it!

Excellent products can’t wait to get my three tier rise garden. I won’t be buying any other hydroponic systems but rise garden

I've had my single family rise garden for about 7 months now and I absolutely love it. I've learned so much about plants, taking care of them, and how hardy they can be.

Our garden has made our family eat more vegetables and greens. We love the endless growing possibilities of our garden.

I am so happy that I got this unit! Although I have other hydroponic units, I have found that my harvests are 10 times bigger with Rise! Anytime I

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