Experience all the benefits of hydroponics

Larger and faster growing plants, better tasting produce and a beautiful garden that will thrive in any room.

Save 95% of water

Due to the water-based, nutrient-rich environment of a hydroponic garden, plants grow 25-30% faster than the same plants grown in soil. And though it’s a water-based system, it has minimal evaporation, meaning it’s actually conserving water.

Year round growing

This garden does everything for you. The lights and the hydroponic system allow you to harvest your vegetables and have beautiful plants throughout the year without depending on the wheather, the season of the year or the space you have in your home.

Add superior flavor to your meals

Fresh herbs and plants grown at home and just harvested for dinner. Our system manages the ph of water and nutrients so your plants get the full spectrum of macro and mictro-nutrients. This adds up to incredibly delicious meals!

A Rise Garden for every home

The Personal Rise Garden

Up to 12 plants

Included with garden

8 seed pods
12 netcups
(1) 8-pod try lid
3 bottles of nutrients
1 nursery
Rise Gardens app

The New Rise Garden

Up to 108 plants

Included with garden

16 seed pods
18 netcups per level
(3) 4-pod tray lid
3 bottles of nutrients
1 nursery
Rise Gardens app

Start growing today, pay later

5% off seeds on orders +$30

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