The Rise Membership

Growing with a Rise membership is a customizable gardening experience that helps you save and earns you rewards.

  • A seasonal customized box every 3 months
  • 15% off additional supplies
  • Free shipping*
  • Exclusive product access
  • 3x the rewards

Select your bundle -

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What’s included: Seasonal box ships every 91 days. "The Rise Garden" Annual members receive a free nursery and microgreen variety pack.
Seasonal box: Each box is customizable before it ships with nutrients and 4-pack seeds. Members will receive email notifications reminding them of upcoming box shipments.
Free Shipping: Available for Seasonal box and addons included in the same order. A la carte orders +$30.
Not available for Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Alaska
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Values based on a Triple Rise Garden and an annual Rise Garden Memebrship

You can grow up to...

  • 20 lbs of leafy greens every month

    80 salads for your family

  • 24 radishes every month

  • 50 tomatoes
& peppers every month

    lots of sauce to enjoy

20,000+ members growing indoors with Rise

"So many lessons in the garden! From science, to healthy eating and even DETERMINATION! There is so much to learn in the garden"

"Growing tomatoes in the winter with my kids has been the most rewarding thing! I didn't expect how much we would all love it!"

"I've been able to grow so many different types of herbs, leafy greens, veggies and even fruits! "

"We’ve really enjoyed being able to grow fresh vegetables and flowers from our home."


  • We’ve designed our memberships to help you get the most out of your Rise experience. Join our community of growers every season to grow a curated selection of seeds. Rise members receive benefits like a seasonal box of growing supplies that includes a curated assortment of seeds and a nutrient bundle to grow them. Members also get access to free shipping on orders of $30 or more, a 15% discount on seeds, nutrients & accessories, freebies, and exclusive access to new seeds, events, and more!

  • Your membership starts the day you pick your plan and place an order!

  • Rise offers memberships for the Personal Rise Garden and the Rise Garden. Both have annual or seasonal membership plans. Don’t forget you can grow even more, for less with our annual plans!

  • Yes, but you’ll miss out on over $100 of savings per year on growing supplies and even more savings compared to the grocery store. Our membership is designed to give you a fun way to grow year round with seasonal themes and events, savings on supplies, and loyalty points to help you

  • A seasonal membership can be canceled after every season. After the first season ships, you are welcome to pause your next season at any time. An annual membership can be canceled after one year.

  • Yes, one of the biggest perks of becoming a member is free shipping on seasonal boxes and add-ons to the seasonal box. You also get 15% off and free shipping on any order over $30 from our web store!

  • Memberships can be purchased with a garden on checkout or after the purchase of your garden. Purchasing a membership along with your garden gives you savings on the garden + shipping. The seasonal membership is $40 every 90 days for the Personal Garden or $75 every 90 days for the Rise Garden. The annual membership is $120 for an entire year’s worth of growing for the Personal Garden or $240 for the Rise Garden.

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