Rise Gardens Education Discount Program. Hands-on growing experiences in your own classroom

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Schools and other educational organizations can receive special discounts on any Rise Garden, and seeds and nutrients (ongoing).
Our indoor hydroponic gardens foster the perfect environment for learning about plants and food systems, year-round!

Have a learning garden in the classroom all year long.

Our indoor gardens are a comprehensive hands-on learning tool for STEM-related lessons making real impact in the classroom. A U.S. News & World Report article reported that low-income schools with gardens see an average 12-15% increase in students’ standardized test pass rates and even larger gains in science.

Hydroponic Nutrients

Your plants will need nutrients to grow. We’ve created the perfect mix of hydroponic nutrients to add to your Garden to ensure your plants grow big and strong. Then, just rely on the Rise Gardens app to know how much of each nutrient you’ll be adding each week.

Rise Gardens App helps you grow!

We’ve developed a smart app to help you keep track of the health of your plants. Your students monitor the plants in the Rise Garden. Our app will also give live information about when it’s time to add water and nutrients to your Garden, and when you can harvest!

Leading the Way in Hydroponic Education: Trusted by Schools Nationwide – Public and Private!

We work with all types of educational programs and schools and would love to hear from you!

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