A Truly Smart Garden

Quality Craftsmanship Meets Technology

A Truly smart garden
  • App-Enabled The Rise Gardens App tells you exactly when your plants need water and nutrients
  • Voice-Controlled With the help of Alexa, you can now control your lights, check your water levels, run SmartCare and more.
  • Smart Watering System Automatically delivers the perfect amount of water and nutrients to your plants.
  • Cutting-Edge Lights Automate your full spectrum LED lights to mimic sunlight and maximize plant growth

Benefits of growing your own garden

Turn your plants into plates™

Fresh nutritious ingredients in the comfort of your own home! Harvest up to 170lbs of fresh produce per year from your own Rise Garden. Your food will have 70x as many nutrients as store-bought produce.

Your impact matters

Small changes can have a big impact. Create a better food system by growing your own. Save up to 462lbs of waste per year and 354 m³ of CO₂ with your family garden.

Rise saves you money

Growing your own produce means you waste less and save money along the way. Harvest what you need...when you need it. Be part of the food revolution.

The Rise Collection

The Personal Rise Garden

Up to 12 plants

Included with garden

8 seed pods
12 netcups
(1) 8-pod try lid
3 bottles of nutrients
1 nursery
Rise Garden app

The New Rise Garden

Up to 108 plants

Included with garden

16 seed pods
18-48 netcups
(3) 4-pod tray lid
3 bottles of nutrients
1 nursery
Rise Gardens app

More than 70 herbs, greens and veggies!

Fill your garden to the brim and get started growing beautiful herbs and veggies! More than 70 varieties specially selected for hydroponic growing.

Why People Love Rise Gardens

Hear how Rise Gardens helps indoor gardeners and home chefs grow delicious herbs and veggies with ease

Best Compact Indoor Garden

“The Garden grows quality produce. It’s perfect for people who don’t have a lot of space”

Best in-home gardening kits

“Rise Gardens turns lush green plants into part of your home decor with its indoor gardening kit.”

Nguyen P.

The design is sleek and fancy. The whole system is easy to use, operate and clean up. The application is intuitive, helps you during all stages. Overall, Im totally satisfied.

Samantha E.

This garden is amazing! I highly recommend it and if you have children I recommend it even more! My daughter (5) loves our garden and has been learning so much from it!

Melissa T.

I received the personal garden from my husband on Christmas and I LOVE it. I was bummed when I had to end my outdoor gardening during the winter. We can’t wait to upgrade to the larger size one day.

Start growing today and pay later!

Meet the only smart garden on the market with Alexa integration.

FAQs about our Gardens

  • Yes! Family Gardens have a modular design that allows you to scale the size of your Garden from 1 level to 3 levels. You can also utilize 8-pod Tray Lids and 12-pod Tray Lids to increase the harvesting yield from each level in your Garden.

  • Each Family Garden comes equipped with tray lids that allow you to grow 12 plants per level out of the box. You can expand the garden yield adding 8 pod tray lids or 12 pod tray lids up to a 36 plants per level. Personal Garden comes with an 8 pod tray lid.

  • No matter your expertise level, or what you're looking to grow, we have an indoor garden that is perfect for you! Now you can grow your favorite herbs and veggies year round!

  • Our smart Rise Gardens App makes calculations each week to help you add nutrients into your Garden. When running “Care,” the app will instruct you to add a combination of Sprout, Thrive, Blossom, and pH Balance that is customized to your Garden!

  • Yes, there is some storage space inside the cabinet for room to store your plant nutrients and your extra seed pods.

  • We´ve designed our Nurseries to be the perfect humid, warm environment that is optimal for germination and creating strong, resilient plants. Additionally, it allows you to grow your Garden in \"stages\" so that you can harvest your plants all around the same time, rather than harvesting your shorter-life plants (like lettuces) before you harvest your longer-life plants (like basil). For more information, please check out our Nursery Guide . And, for more information about how to stage your Garden, please check out our Plant Spacing Guide, .

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