The Trellis Kit

The Trellis Kit

Curated for hydroponic success™

No More Vining Mess: Organize your Peas, Beans, and Cucumbers up and out of the way for the rest of your plants in your Rise Gardens.

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  • Compatible with Family Gardens
  • Ships in 1-2 business days
  • Use to support vines

A smart design for your vining plants needs

Fit up to three trellises on the base level and two on extension levels to help promote growth of your vining plants.

✔Non-Corrosive Steel

✔Powder-Coated in Chrome

✔Rotate the trellis 90° for extension level placement

How to use your Trellis

Guide your vining plants

  • Add it to your garden

    Add a trellis to any level of your Family Garden. It is designed to help you guide your vining plants up and out of the rest of your plants

  • Fit on any level

    You can fit 3 trellises on your base garden and 2 on your extension levels by rotating it 90° and rearranging your trellis clips

  • Guide your plants

    As your plant grows, carefully guide them up and over. You can use the Plant Ties to carefully secure the plant to the rungs of your Trellis

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