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The Best Places to Put Your Rise Garden

The Best Places to Put Your Rise Garden

The Rise Garden was designed with home decor and functionality in mind. Hydroponics is notorious for set-ups that are eyesores and kept hidden away in a spare room or the basement. Here at Rise Gardens, we wanted to design a smart garden that’s part of your life. We want to be making dinner and walk to our Garden to get the herbs or greens we need for dinner. We want our kids to reach for a pepper or some tomatoes instead of snack food. 

Have you ever put all your veggies in the bottom drawer and forgotten them? You don’t want to do that with your Garden. We recommend finding a place that makes sense with your home or office decor–and where you can have easy access to care for and harvest your plants. 

We often get asked where is the best place to put your Garden so we’ve rounded up some of our favorite ideas. 

Family Rise Garden

The Family Rise Garden comes in three different sizes: Single, Double, and Triple to make sure that the smart hydroponic garden you choose fits your space and your lifestyle. If you move and your spaces change, our Gardens are modular so you can add or remove levels as you please. 

We’ve seen so many beautiful setups but here are our top 10 favorite places to put a Family Rise Garden:

  • Replace your entryway table with a Single Family Garden
  • Anywhere a bookcase fits, a Double or Triple Family Garden can fit right in
  • Add a Rise Garden to your pantry
  • Use two Double or Triple Family Gardens to break up spaces in an open floor plan
  • A Single Family Garden makes a great console or even a side table
  • Grab two Single Family Gardens and make a sofa table
  • The lobby in your office
  • By your desk in your home office
  • Skip the dining buffet and put a Rise Garden in your dining room
  • Kids playroom or a rec room


Personal Rise Garden

The tote bag-sized smart garden is perfectly situated to go just about anywhere. It can be in your home, apartment, office, school, etc. The possibilities truly are endless.

Our top 10 favorite places to put a Personal Rise Garden:

  • Kitchen counter 
  • Bar cart
  • Entryway table
  • Top of a bookcase
  • Desk at work or in your home office
  • Dining credenza
  • Side table next to your couch
  • Desk at school 
  • A shelf in your built-in cabinets 
  • A centerpiece to your dining room table

While the possibilities are endless, here are a few places we recommend NOT putting your Rise Garden and a brief explanation why:

  • Outside, even if it’s covered. The Rise Garden wasn’t built for outside and it could ruin the Garden’s electrical if it gets wet (hey, sideways rain is a thing). 
  • The bathroom. The close space of a smaller room could increase the temperature of the water in your Garden, which could stunt the growth of your plants. 
  • The garage. Unless your garage is temperature-controlled, we do not recommend placing your Garden in your garage. The wide range of temperatures could be detrimental to your plants. 

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