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In the Garden with Amy Tenney

In the Garden with Amy Tenney

In a new series, we interview current Rise Gardens customers about gardening, their Rise Garden, and living a healthy lifestyle. We recently interviewed Amy Tenney, who owns three Rise Gardens and was one of Rise Gardens' very first customers! Amy also happens to be a mom, natural health practitioner, yoga instructor, and cookbook author.  Read on to hear from Amy!


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Why did you choose Rise Gardens? 

I’ve tried planting several outdoor gardens in the desert and really struggled.  Interior design is important and interesting to me, so when I saw such a sleek, minimalist look for an indoor garden I was intrigued!  I first saw Rise Garden on a work trip in Chicago through a store window at night, and as soon as I got home googled the company.  I was redesigning my kitchen at the time and two side by side gardens were my must haves as I made plans.  They fit underneath my kitchen window, and a close reach when I’m cooking.

What do you typically grow in your Rise Garden? 

Herbs!!!  I love using fresh herbs in most recipes.  The herbs are full of flavor and make everything taste better.  Cilantro, basil, parsley are always growing.  I love doing kale too and making kale chips with them. The butter lettuce and artisanal lettuce heads are so great to have on hand for quick salads.  

What is your approach to healthy eating?

What and how we eat affects us mentally, physically and emotionally.  I love wholesome nourishing foods and love finding easy ways to boost nutrients in meals.  That being said, there’s more to health than just ingredients.  I believe each of us is worth nurturing.  Nurturing encompasses taking care of physical and emotional needs.  Sometimes nurturing looks like a fresh salad, and other times it looks like celebrating with loved ones and eating a brownie.

How do you create balance in your life? 

I gave up balance a long time ago and now I’m focused on staying centered. If I tried to balance my time equally with all the good things I care about, I’d never be able to get the scales lined up.  so somedays I’m getting a lot done professionally, other days, I get to spend time being present with my family, other days my house is clean.  It’s not all happening on the same day.  I want to keep coming back to what’s really important to me as I focus on being centered.

You just published a new cookbook. Tell us all about it! 

Thanks I’m so excited!  It’s called, “My kids MIGHT eat that.”  It has 70+ delicious recipes and tips for getting more nutrients in your snacks and meals.  As a Natural Health Practitioner, yoga, and meditation instructor, I love teaching others how nutrition + lifestyle factors make a big impact.  I am also a wife + mama, so I know how busy schedules can get in the way of healthy eating.  This cookbook offers simple solutions  to incorporate the powerful influence of everyday healing foods + rituals.  So that's what this cookbook is all about.  Nourishing food, prepared simply, that tastes good. 

Rise Gardens

It’s available as a digital or physical copy here: https://bit.ly/AmyTenneyCookbook


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