Grow your garden indoors

Greens, spices, flowers and even some fruiting plants.

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Plant, Water and Harvest

30 minutes to set up, 10 minutes to care for, one minute to plant

How it works
Unparalleled Freshness and Growth

Grow twice as fast.

Eat freshly harvested food.

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Ready? Grow Bigger

Modular and upgradable. Get more levels and become more productive!

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What Are Rise Gardens?

Professional hydroponics shrunk to fit in a home

Gardening techniques made for everyone

How it Works
Takes 2 minutes to learn what to do... literally
It's all so simple and fast, you'll wanna watch it again!
What else do I need to do?

Top Freshness... Always

Because your plants grow inside:

NO pesticides

NO deer, rabbits, or other critters

NO spoilage

NO seasons

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Our Biggest Fans

I love that I can have fresh, home-grown tomatoes in the winter. I was surprised at how easy hydroponic gardening was with Rise and it's actually a lot of fun. 

Azmina A.

Really great technology.  Far superior to other hydroponic systems I've tried. Refill plan is well thought through and great customer service. 

Ben S.

Such a beautiful garden. I love sharing my passion with my kids and family and showing them how plants grow.  I get so many compliments and questions from friends. So fun!

Michelle G.