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  • Garden anything year-round

    With indoor gardening, every season is growing season. Rise Garden’s gardening system mimics the environment mother nature provides to her plants, with a nutrient rich growing medium and full spectrum LED lighting that has a high PAR (photosynthetic active radiation) to help plants thrive indoors

  • Use 95% less water

    Hydroponics helps the environment by significantly reducing the amount of water usage. Water is recirculated and reused with our patented water flow system, whereas traditional watering methods run off and drain into the environment.

  • Get 70% more nutrients

    Most plants lose 30-50% of their nutritional value within 48 hours of harvest. By the time your produce gets on and off a cargo plane and hits the grocery store shelf, they are severely dehydrated and nutrient deficient. That’s why freshly harvested plants not only taste better but are better for you.

  • Grow 5x faster

    With indoor growing, you don’t have to worry about critters, storms, droughts, wind or excessive heat. Hydroponics eliminates the variability of nature by providing plants a steady stream of nutrients and the perfect amount of light, heat and humidity allowing plants to access what they need, when they need it. This stable and controlled environment allows plants to grow tall and strong incredibly quickly.

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The Rise Garden Collection

The Personal
Rise Garden

Grow up to 12 plants
right on your countertop

The New
Rise Garden

Grow up to 108 plants with our
award-winning, free-standing garden

Choose from 75+ seed varieties

We have an abundance of plant varieties to choose from and are adding unique new ones every season. Choose from herbs, big and small greens, fruiting plants, flowers, vining plants, rooting plants, microgreens and more

A truly smart garden

  • App Enabled

    Our friendly companion app makes it easy to manage your abundant garden. From guidance on when to add water and nutrients to a connection to our helpful growing community. Our app unlocks the power to make gardening easy for everyone.

  • Voice Controlled

    “Alexa, how’s my garden doing?” Connect your Rise Garden to Alexa for a complete smart home experience. She makes it easy to turn your garden’s lights off when watching a movie with your family and can give you reminders to prune or harvest your plants.

  • Smart Care

    No need for wonky sensors and complicated chemistry. We’ve built Smart Care right into your garden. This AI algorithm uses plant stage data from your app to calculate how much nutrients and water your plants need.

  • Task Reminders

    Plants, just like humans, need regular care and love. Our app gives you friendly reminders to feed, water and nourish your plants as well as when to harvest and pollinate. Use the companion app to track all your plants and get the best guidance for successful growing.

Gardeners love Rise

  • I can't say enough good things about my Rise Garden. Whether it's allowing me the freedom to continue carrying out my hobby (regardless of the weather), stretching out the need to go to the grocery shop every week for fresh produce, or the satisfaction of growing my own food. All of these are reasons why the novelty of this garden has not worn off, even a year after purchasing it!

    Chantelle W.

  • It is winter in Wisconsin but I’m still getting fresh ingredients. There is nothing better than fresh food straight from the garden. I went with the Personal Rise Garden for its size, seed offerings and price. So far I've grown greens, herbs, and am working on green beans and red peppers now!

    Laura G.

  • Fun, tasty and beautiful. I've had my Single Family Rise Garden for about 7 months and I absolutely love it. I've learned so much about plants and taking care of them. Rise Gardens has a super supportive community. Overall, a great experience and the company itself is wholesome and helpful.

    Marie H.

  • Our garden has made our family eat more vegetables and greens. We love the endless growing possibilities of our garden. I believe that every house should have a smart garden by Rise. Fun for the whole family!


The Rise Gardens growing lights

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