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We want to share out love and appreciation for gardening by making it more accessible, easier and fun for everyone. We aim to help people connect to their food and establish healthy eating habits.

Harvest the veggies, herbs and greens you need for dinner tonight in the comfort of your home. Join us in a slow food movement where we count our food miles in steps.

Personal Rise Garden

Our indoor hydroponic garden is sure to sprout a passion for having healthy, fresh ingredients right within reach. A farm-to-table experience without leaving home.

Taking up a tidy 18 inches, the Personal Rise Garden is perfect for tight spaces. Wifi-enabled and app-controlled, this is one of the most innovative indoor gardens out there — all the care and feeding is intuitively guided by our smart technology.

The Rise Gardens

Functional furniture for the smart home of the future. The Rise Garden will enable families and home chefs to grow a wide variety of greens, microgreens, herbs and vegetables year-round.

Our modular gardens allow you to add up to 3 levels and grow 108 plants simultaneously.

Professional vertical farming

Every single one of our products has been designed with the customer in mind. This has meant spending long hours researching and interviewing our community to understand how to best elevate their life.

  • 80+ seed pods varieties

    Rise Gardens offers an expansive selection of seed pods, including vegetable, herb, flower and microgreen seed pods.

  • Hydroponic nutrients

    Backed by nature, our curated collection of nutrients provides the perfect amounts of pH, micronutrients, and macronutrients for plants to flourish.

  • Accessories

    Optimize growing power with our proprietary accesories collection designed to increase output and grow happier plants.

Hydroponic smart system

Know what's in your food and where it comes from when you grow it yourself.

Rise Gardens System
  • Cutting-edge lights Full spectrum lights that mimic the natural light of the sun to maximize plant growth.
  • Wifi-enabled The App guides you step-by-step through the growing process with reminders, tips, tricks and more.
  • Voice controlled Care for your Garden from the couch with Alexa's help.
  • Modular system Start small or go big with our modular system design to fit your family size and space.
  • Starter kit included One click and done. The starter kit has everything you need to grow for your first 30 days. Assemble, connect and grow.
  • Self watering System Automatically delivers the perfect amount of water to your plants. All it needs is weekly replenishing

“These Rise Gardens are truly amazing! I have never tried gardening in my life and Rise made it incredibly easy to get started growing.”

-Dave, Verified Buyer

App-enabled gardens

Black thumbs are a thing of the past. Everyone has a green thumb thanks to the Rise Garden and our patent-pending SmartCare technology.

The Rise Gardens guides you every step of the way, reminds you when to add water and nutrients and gives you tips along the way. It's a personal professional gardener in your pocket.

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