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Rise House Plant Shelf

Give your houseplants the light they need to thrive with the help of Rise Garden’s innovative light system and the new Rise Houseplant Shelf. Perfectly designed to fit 8 inch plants, the shelf can be attached to any side of the Rise Garden to provide the ultimate urban oasis filled with the plants that make you happy + healthy.


Partnership offers

To celebrate the launch of the new Rise Houseplant Shelf, we’ve teamed up with The Sill to help you build a peaceful, lush sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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Rise x The Sill Green Spaces Sweepstakes

We’ve teamed up with The Sill to give away a peaceful, lush sanctuary to one lucky winner. Enter to win by 3/29/2023 for a chance to win a grand prize worth over $1400. Read T & C

Green spaces promote physical, emotional + mental health

Research has proven that nature and plants can improve your mental + physical health. But, we only spend approximately 15% of our lives outside. The answer? Bring nature indoors. Nearly 50 studies have concluded that indoor plants can provide many of the health benefits nature can–but in the comforts of your home or apartment.

Explore the potential mental, physical and emotional health benefits of building your own personal urban oasis.

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    mental health

    • lowers anxiety
    • boosts creativity
    • decreases stress levels
    • reduces depression symptoms
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    physical health

    • improves air quality
    • lowers heart rate + blood pressure
    • promotes movement
    • encourages healthy eating
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    emotional health

    • provides a peaceful escape
    • encourages focus + productivity
    • infuses positivity in your daily life
    • boosts overall fulfillment
  • The Sill is an online store that offers a vast selection of houseplants, pots, and accessories that cater to all your indoor plant needs. From beginner-friendly plants to rare specimens, their collection is carefully curated to provide a range of options for every type of plant lover.

  • We share the belief that plants make us happy and healthy humans. With a Rise Garden and beautiful houseplants from The Sill, you can transform your home into a peaceful sanctuary with happy, healthy houseplants and people alike.

  • You can find the fine print Here

  • We recommend sourcing houseplants from a high-quality source like The Sill to limit your risk of having pests in your plants. You should always inspect your plant and the soil in your pot for any pests or eggs before placing it near your garden.

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