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Why CNET rated Rise the "Best smart garden that doubles as furniture"

Gardeners can't stop talking about indoor garden systems, and for good reason! We all want to live more sustainably, eat nutrient-rich produce, and provide food for our families. Indoor gardens help you do all of that, right from your home.

CNET recently reviewed 8 indoor gardens, and selected Rise as the "best smart garden that doubles as furniture". Let's dive into 5 reasons why CNET picked Rise over Gardyn, Lettuce Grow, and the other options.

Here are 5 reasons why CNET rated Rise the best:

1) Stylish indoor garden that blends effortlessly into your living space

Rise Gardens are constructed from high-quality steel and pine wood. The other gardens on the market are largely constructed using plastic. Our garden is a beautiful piece to display in your home and a workhorse of an indoor garden.

Rianne C, Verified Customer

"I love it. Yes. Super worth it. I ate home-grown cherry tomatoes and peppers in January. I’m figuring out my favorite things to grow year-round and what I like to grow anti-seasonally (in your face, Winter) and how my Rise can supplement my outdoor garden beds in the summer."

2) Completely hydroponic & self-watering

The Rise Garden has an 8-gallon system that only needs weekly replenishing. It automatically delivers the perfect amount of water to your plants. No more soil, no more dirty hands, no more mess!

Christopher P, Verified Buyer

"I absolutely love it. It's set up right in my apartment entryway and every time I come home seeing all the greens I am amazed that I can grow my own food in a highrise apartment."

3) Rise grows roots, vines, & microgreens

Rise is the only hydroponic garden that can grow root vegetables. Most other indoor gardens are only capable of growing fruits and some vining plants. How could you say no to beets or fresh microgreens on your salad?

Chantelle W, Verified Buyer

"I can't say enough good things about my Rise Garden. Whether it's allowing me the freedom to continue carrying out my hobby (regardless of the weather), stretching out the need to go to the grocery shop every week for fresh produce, or the satisfaction of growing my own food."

4) Grow up to 180 plants & choose from 73 varieties

The Rise Garden grows the largest yield on the market (up to 180 plants at once). You can feed your family 365 days a year. Other gardens like Gardyn don't even have half of that capacity.

Maria E, Verified Buyer

"It is winter in Wisconsin but I’m still getting fresh ingredients. There is nothing better than fresh food straight from the garden."

5) Integrated mobile app for easy gardening

The Rise Garden App guides you step-by-step through the growing process with reminders, tips, tricks and more. You don't need a green thumb to successfully grow the garden of your dreams... you just need Rise!

Holly R, Verified Buyer

"Our garden has made our family eat more vegetables and greens. We love the endless growing possibilities of our garden. I believe that every house should have a smart garden by Rise."

Get growing with Rise Garden

Compare Hydroponic Gardens

Grows veggies, fruits, & vines

Grows microgreens

Grows roots

Plant Capacity

Varieties of Plants

Avg Cost per Plant

Includes lights, nursery, plant pods, and plant food

Square Footage Needed


Water Tank Capacity

Power Usage

The Rise Garden

12 - 108 plants

73 varieties


4 Sq.Ft.

Base: 16" x 36.5" x39.5"
2 lvl: 16" x 36.5" x 53"
3 lvl: 16"x36.5"x66.75"

8 Gallons


Gardyn HomeKit 3.0

30 plants

64 varieties


2 Sq.Ft.

24" x 12" x 64"

6 Gallons

Grow lights consume 75W

Lettuce Grow Farmstand

12 - 36 plants

106 varieties (availability is seasonal)


3.36 Sq.Ft.

22" Diameter (12-plant: 44" Ht., 36-Plant: 73" Ht.)

20.5 Gallons

Glow rings consume 96W

1 yr warranty


Ships in 1-2 business days


90 day return


132+ Trusted Customer Reviews

The Rise Garden

Starting at $68/mo with




1 - Level
2 - Level
3 - Level




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Grow up to 32 veggies, fruits, leafy greens and more with the new award-winning Rise Garden. Keeping our industry-leading design and adding several exciting updates, this modern, modular indoor garden fits the style of any home. With our advanced engineering features and companion app, we take the guesswork out of growing. You’ll be guided through every step of your gardening journey, from sprout to harvest. Start growing today!

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