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Embracing Growth: Ryan's Journey with Rise Gardens

Embracing Growth: Ryan's Journey with Rise Gardens

Welcome to ‘Why I Rise,’ an endeavor where we celebrate the diverse stories that shape our Rise Gardens community. From the heartfelt experiences of our customers to the personal stories of our dedicated team members, 'Why I Rise' offers a glimpse into the lives that have been transformed by the power of gardening.
Meet Ryan! Rise Garden’s Vice President of Retail Channel Management and Business Development at Rise Gardens.

A Return to Roots

Ryan spent his formative years in Vernon Hills, Illinois. Afterward, he embarked on a seven-year journey in the beauty industry in Manhattan, New York. It was during this urban chapter that he encountered his future wife, who originally hailed from Australia. This serendipitous meeting ultimately led them back to Chicago, where they could be closer to family after the birth of their son, Jackson.

Ryan's family

Answering the Call of Rise Gardens

When the opportunity at Rise Gardens arose, Ryan felt an instant connection. Having worked in various segments of retail, he longed for something more - to be part of a brand, a lifestyle brand. Rise Gardens felt like the perfect fit. Ryan's journey with Rise Gardens began in October of 2022, and since then, he's immersed himself in the world of indoor gardening.

A Personal Journey of Transformation

Ryan's Rise Gardens journey is not just a professional venture; it's become personal to him and his family. His wife's incredible health transformation, shedding 90 pounds and adopting a healthier lifestyle, is a testament to the impact of Rise Gardens. "It's so much easier for us to manage costs, grow the fresh produce we want, and have healthy salads readily available," Ryan shares.
Ryan next to his Rise Gardens

Nurturing a New Passion

"For me, I didn't come from a big gardening background. We did a lot with flowers growing up, but we'd always buy them ready to go," Ryan reminisces. Rise Gardens opened a welcoming entryway for him into the world of gardening. The app, in particular, proved invaluable, providing the guidance and simplification he needed. "I love the accessibility of it, the ease of having it, and then at that, having it year-round," Ryan emphasizes. The year-round availability of fresh produce has been nothing short of helpful for the Flis family.

Cultivating Enthusiasm in the Next Generation

"Jackson loves deciding what we grow. It's amazing. We have 90 or 100 different seeds. So he comes up with simple recipes," Ryan chuckles. Jackson's involvement in the gardening process has become a cherished family activity. "He gets super excited about it. He checks the garden regularly, asking, 'How's this plant doing? How are the peppers doing? How are the tomatoes doing?'" Ryan shares. This newfound enthusiasm for gardening has translated into a willingness to try and enjoy a wider variety of vegetables.
Ryan's Family with the Rise Garden

Memorable Gardening Adventures

One memorable gardening adventure for the Flis family was growing eggplant, a vegetable Jackson was particularly keen on. His unique recipe for preparing it, a simple sauté with olive oil, salt, and pepper, became a cherished family dish. Their journey also included cultivating a variety of lettuces, with Red Vein Sorrel standing out as a favorite.

Ryan's son showing his harvest
Believing in the Dream

"It's one thing to dream big. It's another to believe it," Ryan reflects. This mantra, instilled early in his career, has guided him through various ventures. Now, with Rise Gardens, it resonates deeply. "When you believe it, you actually put actions towards it," he emphasizes.

In the Flis household, Rise Gardens isn't just a product; it's a catalyst for growth, health, and togetherness. It's a testament to the power of believing in a dream and nurturing it to life.

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