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Hostess Gift Idea: Gift a Plant from your Rise Garden

Hostess Gift Idea: Gift a Plant from your Rise Garden

Your friends and family might not have a Rise Garden yet but that doesn’t mean that they can’t still garden this winter! Gifting a plant from your Garden is the perfect host or hostess gift this holiday season. 

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Follow these easy instructions to gift a plant from your garden:

  1. Step One: Pick a pot. Select a cute pot for your plant. We recommend a small sized pot. Don’t forget a small bag of soil if you don’t already have some on hand
  2. Step Two: Choose a plant. Select a plant that is approximately 4-8 weeks old. You will want a plant that is mature enough to withstand transferring from a hydroponic system to soil but not a plant with a large root system. Herbs and greens are your best choices since your giftee won’t likely have a light source other than a window! 
  3. Step Three: Pot the plant. Add soil to the pot, leaving some room to add the plant and to top it with soil. Remove the plant and the plant pod from the net cup. Transfer your plant to the pot and cover it with soil. Water your plant. 
  4. Step Four: Water your plant. Keep an eye on your plant and water it every day for the first few days as your plant adjusts to its new environment. 
  5. Step Five: Gifting time. Add a ribbon to your pot and it’s time to gift it. Remind your giftee to sit it close to a window that gets sunlight. 

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