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How to Determine which Rise Garden is Right for You

How to Determine which Rise Garden is Right for You

Whether you’re unsure of what size garden to purchase for your family, or are wondering if you need to upgrade, here at Rise Gardens we have you covered. While it really depends on your lifestyle and how much of your grocery list you want to replace with Rise produce, these are some general guidelines you can follow to fit your needs. 

Let's introduce the Rise Garden Collection and explain the differences between what they can each grow. 

The Personal Rise Garden

Rise Gardens

Our smallest garden, called the Personal Rise Garden, has enough room for 8 plants out of the box. However, at a tabletop size, you will be unable to grow larger plants like Swiss Chard or our big Sweet Red Mamba peppers. If you have a smaller home or apartment without a lot of space, this is a great place to start.

At this size, the Garden is great for the occasional salad for one person, or can be used as an herb garden for a family of 4, assuming you want to make a home-made herb blend for pizza night once a week, or need extra flavor for your meals every night. However, if you are looking to do a salad for more than one person on a regular basis, or you want a continual harvest of herbs and spices, you will need to upgrade to the Rise Garden.

The Personal Rise Garden is about the size of a tote-bag and can fit just about anywhere. You can easily add a 12-pod tray to this garden to expand your growing capacity.

Single Rise Garden

Rise Gardens

This is our core garden model with all the space to start significantly replacing your grocery bill. If you have a Personal Garden, your nursery, tray lid, and everything else will also fit into this Garden, so it's easy to upgrade!

This Garden can hold up to 12 large plants, 24 medium sized plants, or 36 small plants. With its tall height, it is perfect for growing larger plants like tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and sunflowers. But, you can also grow shorter plants like herbs and greens.

With this Garden, you can grow enough food for a salad for one person once a week, with four heads of greens continually grown and harvested, and 3-4 fruiting plants like tomatoes or peppers. Or, you can supply endless herbs for a family of 4 with room for pesto production, chamomile tea, and salsa.

The Single Rise Garden is about the same size as an entryway table.

Double Rise Garden

Rise Gardens

Now you’re getting serious. This Garden has our Single Rise Garden as its base and then an additional level, closer to the lights, for super fast herbs and greens.

The best way to use this Garden is to only grow your fruiting and vining plants in the bottom level and have a full rotation of greens, herbs, and rooted plants above. With this Garden, you can grow a perfect single serve salad every single day with room for added herbs for your dressing and tomatoes, peppers, and added super greens like kale or collards. This size Garden will also allow you to make a good-sized salad for a family of 4 once or twice a week and have enough herbs and spices for dinner every night.

The Double Rise Garden is about the same size as a dining buffet, armoire or short dresser.

Triple Rise Garden

Rise Gardens

This Garden is perfect for a family looking to make an impact on their diet and lifestyle in a significant way. You get the capacity of our Double Rise Garden, plus an additional level to try something new every month! With this full-sized Garden, you can make a salad every day for 3-4 people, make dinner for one person once a week, and have enough herbs and spices to start your own tea garden for a family of 4.

This size also allows you to grow the most beans and peas possible by trellising your plants from the bottom level to the top! If you have picky eaters, you can make an entire level of your garden devoted to trying a new plant every month, and you now also have more light for your houseplants to snuggle up against your Garden.

The Triple Rise Garden is about the same size as a tall bookcase. 

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