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9 Fun + Delicious Ways to Use Mini Snackable Strawberries

9 Fun + Delicious Ways to Use Mini Snackable Strawberries

Mini Snackable Strawberries are a wild variety, which tends to produce smaller baby berries. You may be wondering how you can use these strawberries once they are ready to harvest.

Here are 9 ways we love using our mini strawberries:

Pick strawberries straight off the vine + enjoy

We love to pick a handful of mini strawberries from the vine and enjoy them for snacktime. Nothing beats freshly picked berries!

Pack berries for lunch

These baby berries are the perfect addition to your kids’ lunch boxes or your own lunch bento box. They add a boost of nutrition and some sweetness to your midday meal. 

Add them to your breakfast bowls

Whether you’re grabbing a bowl of oatmeal, cereal or yogurt, our mini snackable strawberries add the perfect touch of sweetness.

Don’t forget dessert

You can easily add a few fresh mini strawberries to your frozen yogurt or ice cream. 

Craft a cocktail or two with our berries

While they are small, a handful of mini strawberries can be used to brighten and sweet up your cocktails at home.

Bite-sized berries for your salads

You can easily add these petite strawberries to your salads. No chopping or dicing required.

Make fresh + fun ice cubes

We love festive drinks and fancy ice cubes. You’ve likely seen them all over Pinterest or Instagram. You can easily add a strawberry or two with mint to your ice cube trays. You don’t have to stop with mint + strawberries. Try basil or lime basil leaves too. The possibilities are endless.

It’s science experiment time

Strawberries are great for science experiments!. Here’s an activity to spark curiosity. 

Brew fresh strawberry tea

Teatime just got a little sweeter. This tea recipe is perfect. We recommend 4-5 mini snackable strawberries for your next batch. 


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