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The Health Benefits of Gardening for Seniors

The Health Benefits of Gardening for Seniors

Many people already know that gardening has a wealth of positive health impacts. From reduced stress and anxiety to increased life satisfaction, the benefits of gardening run deep. But did you know that gardening holds particular benefits for seniors? Keep reading to find out how the simple act of growing plants can cultivate wellness in seniors.

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Good Vibes

Intuitively, we know that being around living plants just makes us feel good. There’s actually science to back this up! One study that examined 331 participants aged 60-95 found that gardening helped enhance seniors’ psychological well-being through emotion regulation and relief from stress. Let’s not forget the power of remembering the good ol’ days. In this study, gardening also evoked a sense of nostalgia, offering a way for people to reminisce and share their experiences with others.

Social Dividends

There’s nothing better than sharing hobbies with friends, but not every senior is aching for another round of bingo. In senior living communities, gardening can be a social activity, allowing people to connect over shared interests. This is particularly impactful for seniors because loneliness and isolation are associated with serious health risks. Social isolation is associated with a 50% increase in the risk of dementia, a 29% increased risk of heart disease, and a 32% increased risk of stroke. Loneliness was also associated with higher rates of depression and anxiety. More info

Physical Wellness

Gardening awakens the senses. From the fragrance of fresh basil to the smooth surface of a pepper and the sweetness of a crisp cucumber, it’s a whole experience. Plus, because gardening requires fine motor skills, it helps maintain or improve dexterity. One study even found that older adults who garden have better hand strength than those who don’t. More info

Purpose and Meaning

It is important to feel a continued sense of purpose in later life. Older adults want to feel good about themselves as they age, and attending to the daily task of gardening is an outlet for purposeful activity. Nurturing plants and eventually enjoying the fruits (or vegetables!) of their labor is a meaningful activity that brings seniors joy and satisfaction.

If you want to help seniors enjoy the health benefits of gardening year-round, consider bringing indoor hydroponic gardening to your community. Contact us today to learn more.

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