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Why I Rise: Renata's Gardening Journey

Why I Rise: Renata's Gardening Journey

In the heart of San Diego, amidst the bustling life of a dedicated nurse, Renata found solace and purpose in her gardening. A generational gardener, her journey from New Hampshire to California weaves a tale of rediscovering the profound joys of nurturing life. Renata's story is a testament to the transformative power of gardening.

A Journey from New Hampshire to San Diego

Renata's roots trace back to North Hampton, New Hampshire, where the promise of spring was heralded by the emergence of crocuses through melting snow. It was in this environment that Renata's mother, aunt, and Oma cultivated vibrant vegetable gardens, setting the stage for a lifelong connection to the soil. Renata viewed gardening as a chore as a child, but the taste of freshly picked produce and the warmth of family gatherings left an indelible mark.

"I used to bemoan the whole gardening process," Renata says. “Family gatherings and meals throughout the summer always incorporated fresh vegetables and herbs from the garden, and I think I just took it for granted. I was SO lucky, and I had NO idea!"

Outdoor garden
Gardening: A Bridge to a New Life

Renata's journey took a turn when she relocated to San Diego and, in tandem with her husband, embarked on creating their own garden. This newfound passion became a bridge connecting her love for home and family with her life in sunny California. The connection with her mother grew stronger, as they now shared a gardening passion that Renata once had resisted as a child.

“I remember talking to my mom about the wonderful garden I had created in San Diego, and she was just so happy and pleased that we could share a love of gardening,” Renata says. “She never lets me live down how much of a hard time I gave her doing gardening tasks when I was a kid. We frequently discuss gardening now and share seeds and tips to improve our gardening experience.”

Cultivating Connections Through Gardening

As a registered nurse in San Diego, Renata's passion for gardening blossoms beyond the confines of her garden. Colleagues seek her out for advice on seeds, soil, and microclimates. Her introverted nature finds an unexpected outlet, connecting her to a community of like-minded individuals.

"The best part of my day," Renata observes, "is when people share in the joy of the harvest."
Abundance of tomatoes

Rising to a Greener Future

Renata envisions a future where gardening is effortlessly accessible. “I have realized that if I want to have fresh tomatoes & basil year-round, that it is 100% possible, Renata says. “Rise has helped me learn about fertilizers and ways to optimize the health and growth of my plants.”
Renata's Rise Garden
Tomato varieties harvested in The Rise Garden and outdoors
Renata's message to new gardeners resonates with simplicity and encouragement: "Just keep trying!"

Living by a Simple Mantra

"Do what makes you happy," Renata affirms, encapsulating the spirit of Rise Gardens and the 'Why I Rise' community. Through the ups and downs of gardening, Renata's journey embodies the joy of nurturing life and finding happiness in every leaf and bloom.

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