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How the Rise Membership is so Environmentally Friendly

How the Rise Membership is so Environmentally Friendly

Earth month is a reminder for us all to be advocates for the planet and its resources. It gives us the chance to be mindful of the footprint we leave on the planet. In the spirit of Earth Month, here are 3 reasons why the Rise Membership is so environmentally friendly!

Dry Nutrients Subscription

The Rise Membership is now included with a brand new type of nutrient–our dry formula! Previously, you may have used our liquid nutrients. With our dry nutrients, they use 100% less water to produce due to consolidating the formula into a solid. Shipping weight has also been significantly reduced due to the concentrated formula. We also have transitioned to a plastic-free packaging to contain the nutrients.

Seasonal Shipments 

With all your gardening needs packaged in one order and shipped to you all at once, this greatly reduces our carbon footprint as a company, as well as yours as a consumer. Since your products are grouped and shipped together, this streamlines the fulfillment process. As a result, we hope to reduce our impact on the planet, one package at a time. 

Sustainable packaging

Our subscription is crafted from sustainable materials. Our packaging for subscriptions is plastic-free. Since we transitioned to dry nutrients, we have been able to eliminate plastic packaging from our packs. This means once you receive your package for the season, you can recycle it just like you would your other paper/cardboard materials. 

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