Meet the new Personal Rise Garden

This indoor garden is perfect for every home.
Smart features make it easy to grow the freshest and healthiest vegetables and herbs year-round.

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Easy & Healthy

Featured Specs

  • Size

    18 x 11 x 16 inches (L x D x H)

  • Capacity

    Grow 8+ plants at any given time

  • Water

    Our 1-gallon water system keeps plants watered and oxygenated for about one week

  • Light

    Our custom LED panel mimics the sun and provides the broad spectrum of light plants need to grow"

  • Nutrients

    Our rise Gardens nutrients ensure plants grow much more quickly than they would

  • What's included

    Garden with LED lights, pump, power cord, etc., 8 seeded pods, Nursery for sprouting seeds, 12 net cups, Nutrients (Sprout, thrive, Ph)

Highlight Reviews

People Love Rise Gardens

  • Excited to Begin!

    "My daughters are young and I thought a smart garden would give us a fun learning tool. We received our garden today and I assembled it in an hour or less. Everything is running and ready!" 

    - Kathryn, Fort Worth, TX
  • Very Excited & Happy About Our Garden

    "We just started. Putting together the unit was not difficult. The instructions were perfect. Now we are growing. We had some questions and customer service was extremely helpful."

    - T.D Merges, Michigan
  • Looks Great in Any Room

    "I live in an area where the air quality is too toxic to safely grow food outdoors, so I knew an indoor garden would be the best way to go. I love the way my Rise garden looks in my modern loft."

    - Michelle, Oakland, CA