When you grow your own food, it’s more flavourful, less expensive and better for you and the planet.

2 minutes vs 2 weeks

✔ The fresh produce you get from your own Rise Gardens has 70x times more nutrients. Fruits and veggies are at their best.

✘ The produce you get from your local grocery is at least 1 week old. Storage times, temperatures and exposure all affect nutrient loss.

Rise saves you money

✔ Growing your own produce means you waste less and save money along the way. Harvest what you need...when you need it.

✘ When you factor in how much bad food you throw away, a head of lettuce can get pricey. Plus the produce you buy at the market will never be as fresh.

Making an impact plant by plant

This year alone, our community has saved 106,027,102 food miles; 2,195,102 gallons of water and has harvested around 81,500 pounds of food.

By growing your own food with Rise Gardens you can have a huge impact on your carbon foodprint.

Join us in creating a better food system.

Family around indoor garden- Rise GArdens

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