8 Pod Tray Lid

8 Pod Tray Lid

Curated for hydroponic success™

Use the 8 Pod Tray Lid to boost your Rise Garden output by as much as 2x! Grow like a professional hydroponic gardener by starting your plants in the 8 Pod Tray Lid and space them out in the 4 Pod Tray Lid during the last growth stage.
Includes 8 net cups

Note: color and texture are different than the New Rise Garden tray lids

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  • Compatible with all Gardens
  • Ships in 1-2 business days
  • Durable food safe plastic

Grow 30 salads in 30 days

The 8 Pod Tray Lid is an essential component of crop planning. With one 8 Pod Tray, two 4 Pod Trays, and your Rise Gardens Nursery, you can eat a salad every single day.

Customize To Your Needs

The 8 Pod Tray Lid is made out of custom, durable plastic to fit perfectly within our system. It's completely interchangeable with our existing 4 Pod Tray Lids or our 12 Pod Tray Lids. 

Need extra space?

Indoor Garden Extension - Rise Gardens US

Family Garden Extension

Boost your garden yield by adding an extra level. Not compatible with the New Rise Garden


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