Seedless Pods

Seedless Pods

Curated for hydroponic success™

Take your garden to the next level with fun experiments using our organic Seedless Pods. They are optimized for both early stage germination and continued growth with the perfect blend of air, water and biomass.

Composed of a mix of coco coir and peat moss, Rise Seedless Pods supply natural nutrients to promote early growth and dried at the end of the manufacturing process to ensure a sterile environment and prevent pests. 
Packaged in sustainable materials and designed to fit perfectly in your Rise Garden.

More details
  • Match with all gardens
  • Ships in 1-2 business days
  • Shelf stable for 1 yr . Thoroughly tested

Why choose the Rise Plant Pod?

  • 100% organic

    You won’t find any scary ingredients here. Our plant pods are a blend of coco coir and peat moss.

  • Perfectly designed for the Rise Garden

    Rise Plant Pods deliver 2 inches of space for early roots to grow into and enough room to exit into our system’s water to properly draw up nutrients.

  • Dried to protect against pests

    Pest-free, worry-free. Rise Plant Pods are dried at the end of their manufacturing process to ensure a sterile environment. Wet pods can also breed a wider range of bacteria, algae, and fungi spores.

“These Rise Gardens are truly amazing! I've never tried gardening in my life, and Rise made it incredibly easy to get started growing.”

-Dave, Verified Buyer

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FAQs about seeds

Need help
  • Our seed pods are made from a combination of coco coir and peat moss!
  • For big veggies (like eggplant, tomato, and cucumber) a Family Garden is ideal, as it offers extra growing space to allow the plants to flourish. Our smaller veggies (like lettuces and herbs) can be grown in any of our Garden models (Family Gardens and Personal Gardens).
  • Make sure that the maximum height of the plant does not exceed 24 inches for a Family Garden and 12 inches for a Personal Garden. The plants from Rise Gardens catalog are all dwarf carieties that were tested in our gardens.
  • Some plants do not do well in a hydroponic environment due to their structure. Specifically, Root Vegetable Plant Pods like carrots and potatoes need low levels of moisture around their root system in order to form properly and not mold. You can try our Root plants , that have been thoroughly tested and succesfully grow in any Rise Gardens
  • Our plant pods are a blend of coco coir and peat moss.

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