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Easy Tips for Removing Pests

Easy Tips for Removing Pests

Sometimes you've done everything right and pest prevention didn't work. If you happen to get pests, the best thing you can do is to act fast and be diligent. Continue reading if you've found pests in your garden.

What to do if you get aphids

Aphids are possibly the worst pest you can get in your Garden and will require a lot of attention. Aphids are small green (sometimes brown) insects that love to eat the sap from new growth of your plants. You could find them anywhere a new leaf is growing and they are more attracted to the brassica family of plants (broccoli, cabbage, arugula, etc.).

Once you spot an aphid, it is time to act! If you only spot them on one plant, start by removing that specific plant from your Garden. The cleanest way to do so is to place a bag over the plant first before pulling out the Net cup so that any aphids on your leaves fall into the bag, not back into your Garden. Next, you should make a 50% rubbing alcohol 50% water mixture and wipe down the area where your plant was, removing any debris left by the plant you removed. You can spray your current plants with Insecticidal Soap which is an organic treatment, safe for indoor usage. Watch your Garden for any signs of more aphids and hopefully, they are gone!

If this method does not work, it is time to say farewell to your current plants as it is best to start fresh after a full infestation. Harvest what you can, then shut down your Garden by removing all plants, performing a deep clean, and letting your Garden sit without any water for 48 hours. This disrupts the growth cycle of the aphids and ensures they stay gone. If you start new plants during this process, be sure to move the Nursery far away from your Garden or you risk infecting your baby plants.


What to do if you get spider mites

Spider mites are another nasty pest that can persist if not taken care of quickly. While aphids can lead to significant damage to your crops, spider mites are just kind of gross. They have very little impact on your plant’s health unless left to get out of control. Spider mites are tiny insects that weave shiny webs across the tips of your plant’s leaves. You will most likely be able to spot the little webs forming and they can grow very quickly.

To get rid of them, start by cutting off the main infected areas of the plants. The best way to do this is to hold the part you are cutting off with a bag so no spider mites fall back into the Garden as you cut. Next, mix a 25% rubbing alcohol, 75% water mixture and spray down the leaves of your plants as well as the tray lids of your Garden and the wood as spider mites are able to survive on non-living tissue for up to one week!

If your Garden gets too many and no matter how hard you try you cannot get rid of them, it is time to say farewell to your plants, perform one last harvest, and clear out your Garden. Remove all of your plants and deep clean your Garden. Be sure to wipe down the entire Garden with a rubbing alcohol solution to prevent any spider mites from coming back. Leave your Garden dry for 48 hours before starting new plants. It is best to introduce a test plant first to confirm your spider mites are really gone before getting back to full-scale growing. Try planting a basil, arugula, or other fast growing plant and put one where you saw the most spider mites. If this plant is able to grow for 2-3 weeks with no pests you are in the clear! Otherwise, you may need to wipe down your Garden again and double check the pest prevention tips to be sure you are not reintroducing them somehow before you start growing again.

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