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Grow with Us: Meet Tristin

Grow with Us: Meet Tristin

Welcome to ‘Grow With Us', an initiative where we introduce you to the incredible members of the Rise Gardens team who bring their passion, knowledge, and unique gardening experiences to the table. In this series of interviews, you'll get to know the faces behind the greens and the stories beyond the sprouts. From their favorite crops to the lessons they've learned along the way, each story is a testament to the profound impact that gardening has on our lives. Get ready to be inspired and grow with us!

🙂 Name
Tristin Middleton

🌱 Garden(s) Owned
1 Personal Garden

🚴‍♂️ Hobbies
Video games, comics, movies, tv sports big football guy anime, podcas

🙌Fun Fact
Naruto is the most influential character of all time to me.

🥬 Top tip or trick for a beginner gardener
Don't be afraid to mess up and start over make sure you are doing things the right way and as instructed

🫑 Favorite things to grow
Greens and herbs

🌼 Do you have a favorite plant or flower that holds a special meaning to you? If so, why?
I Rosemary and because it is the first plant that I grew with Rise and in general.

🌞 What's your go-to personal mantra or affirmation?
I am worthy of self compassion even in the moments of suffering

How do you unwind and practice self-care after a busy day or week?
I cook a good meal find a good show or game to watch or play and listen to music

📗 Can you recommend a book, podcast, or resource that has positively impacted you?
Set boundaries, fine peace: a guide to reclaiming yourself

😌 What's a wellness ritual you've incorporated into your daily routine that you wouldn't want to go without?
I pray every day and speak words of affirmation over myself in the mirror.


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