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How to use your Rise Garden to take Instagram Worthy Photos

How to use your Rise Garden to take Instagram Worthy Photos

As a food photographer and stylist, I use a lot of tips and tricks to make those recipe images drool-worthy. My Rise Gardens are a huge help since I have herbs, flowers, and vegetables growing all year long. Now, I want to show you how to do it too! 

Salad Greens

I love using different types of salad greens in my photos for a pop of color and interesting texture. My favorites are arugula, antonet lettuce, and red-veined sorrel. I often mix them together in a single photo for a more dynamic look. I love how the different shades of green complement each other, the red and purple make the photo pop, and the different textures add interest. Mix up the greens you use from time to time to keep your photos looking fresh!


If you're looking for a way to add a little something extra to your food photography, consider using herbs as props. Fresh herbs can add color, texture, and flavor to your images, and they're surprisingly easy to work with. Simply stand a few sprigs of parsley or oregano in a vase or mason jar, lay a sprig of rosemary along the edge of your plate, or tuck a few leaves of basil into a napkin. You can also use herbs to create unique backgrounds and foregrounds for your shots. Just arrange a few sprigs on a cutting board or place them on a windowsill behind your subject.

Herb Flowers

When it comes to herbs, I let them go wild (after I’ve done a couple of harvests!). I love watching them grow and seeing how they change over time. I especially enjoy it when they start to flower. The flowers are so delicate and beautiful, and they make such a nice garnish and add an extra pop of color to your food shots! Arugula flowers are a beautiful, bright yellow with a spicy taste (check out our compound butter recipe here using arugula flowers!), and basil flowers are a gorgeous purple!

Just… use the Rise Garden!

One of my favorite things about my Rise Garden is how it allows me to grow fresh, healthy food right in my kitchen. My second favorite thing about my Rise Garden is taking photos of my meal next to it (or in it!). The garden provides a beautiful backdrop with all of its lush greens and pops of colors!


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