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DIY Lavender and Chamomile Bath Sachets

DIY Lavender and Chamomile Bath Sachets

Self care is always in season, and it's easy with our Lavender & Chamomile Bath Sachets.

The best part? You should have most items on hand! If you’re like me and are not much of a sew-er, you can head to your nearest craft store to purchase pre-made sachets rather than making them from scratch.

If you can do a simple stitch, feel free to make your own sachets with cheesecloth or fabric of your choice! 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on making the best smelling bath you’ll ever have:

  1. Step One: Harvest lavender and chamomile from your Rise Garden and allow it to dry out over a couple of days. Alternatively, you can use a dehydrator at a very low temperature for 4-5 hours.
  2. Step Two: Once your herbs are dry, crumble into small pieces with your hands.
  3. Step Three: Fill up a sachet with herbs and tie together! That’s it! 
  4. Step Four: Optional: add in epsom salts, other herbs, or essential oils for a little something extra. Another sachet combination we love is rosemary and peppermint! 


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