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Indoor Garden Crop Planning

Indoor Garden Crop Planning

Maximize Your Indoor Garden with Crop Planning

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How do I grow like a pro?

Here at Rise Gardens, we want to ensure that our gardeners are as successful as possible. We designed our garden and app to do just that and gardeners are loving it. However, to help you maximize your indoor gardening harvest, our plant science team pulled together their top three tips and an indoor garden crop planning guide. These are tips and suggestions so use what fits your lifestyle and needs. Whether you are gardening inside or out, there's always a little bit of experimentation that goes along with it to find what works for you and your family.

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Tip #1: Use Your Nursery

With every level of growth, you receive a small plastic nursery, a nursery insert, and 18 net cups. This nursery starts your plants in a zero-nutrient environment to optimize germination. When plants are only a couple of weeks old they don’t want nutrients, they only want sun and water.

Tip #2: Plan Your Nursery with Your Harvest

Because your plants take anywhere from 7-14 days to germinate, you want to start plants in your nursery 1-2 weeks before you harvest. This ensures that you have a fully sprouted plant ready to replace the one harvested. You can do this by coordinating with your app and harvest recommendations.

Tip #3: Space Out Plants

There are two sizes of plants: tall and short. Plants that are labeled as tall grow more than 12” in height. These plants are recommended to only be placed on your bottom level. You should also only have five tall plants on your bottom level. As the plants grow taller, they also shade their neighbors and can limit their growth.

Rise Gardens
Rise Gardens

Example Crop Plan

With a little bit of planning and preparation, you can maximize your indoor garden harvest. This will lead to even more greens, herbs, and veggies, which will help reduce your trips to the grocery store and provide any more healthy vegetables for you and your family.

Week-by-Week Garden Plan

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  • Indoor_Garden_Crop_Planning-6.jpg risegardens
  • Indoor_Garden_Crop_Planning-7.jpg risegardens
  • Indoor_Garden_Crop_Planning-8.jpg risegardens

From week 9 and beyond, you'll continue to harvest, prep your nursery, and repeat. Happy Gardening!

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