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Rise x Koval 6th Gear Recipe

Rise x Koval 6th Gear Recipe

In partnership with Koval, we're excited to share three holiday cocktail recipes you can make right at home with your cocktail garden

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6th Gear Recipe

Makes: 1 cocktail


  • 2 oz KOVAL Barrel Aged Gin
  • 0.25 oz KOVAL Coffee Liqueur
  • 0.5 oz banana and sage syrup
  • 3 dashes cardamom bitters
  • 3 sage leafs


  1. Step One: Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass.
  2. Step Two: Add ice, and stir for 40 rotations.
  3. Step Three: Serve up in a coupe glass with a sage bundle wrapped in a lemon twist. 

Recipe created in partnership with Koval by Shiloh Andrus. 

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