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What's New about The New Rise Garden

What's New about The New Rise Garden

The New Rise Garden is here and we're excited to introduce you to the next generation of Rise Gardens. Two years in the making, the New Rise Garden sets out to improve on and refine the original Rise Family Garden. With community feedback deeply embedded into the design, this garden features many requested iterations, improved functionality and water design, and so much more. 

Here's a quick look at what's new about The New Rise Garden:

A more refined, durable design

The pine wood uprights are now designed thicker with rounded wood and steel joints. We’ve engineered a different attachment method for easier assembly and an even more refined appearance. The metal is now lighter and curved for a more polished appearance, with a custom luxurious paint finish.

It’s easier and quicker to assemble

With lighter materials and a new attachment method, you can build a Single Rise Garden in 30 minutes. The new garden has fewer and easier steps to assemble and takes 25-50% less time than the original.

Water reservoir is bigger

The Rise Garden has a 10.8 gallon capacity, which is twice as big as the original. Thanks to the expanded size, the new larger reservoir should keep even large plants watered for a week or more.

New curved inner trays

The newly designed inner trays have a diamond polish, which provides a smoother surface to make cleaning easy. The curved trays are designed to reduce stagnant water, which improves water flow, minimizes algae growth and helps plants grow better.

Cleaning is a breeze

Easily wipe off nutrient build up from the diamond polished inner trays and simply put the tray lids and plumbing in the dishwasher.

New adjustable feet

Make sure your garden is on level ground with adjustable feet.

New and improved control box

The new splash-resistant control box improves reliability and decreases any potential water damage.

Improved plastic trays and plumbing

We engineered a new process with tougher materials that are thicker and crack-resistant. The single piece colored tubing is designed for easier assembly and cleaner operation. It also quickly connects to the pump for easier assembly and maintenance.

Improved lighting design

The re-designed 2nd generation lights are enclosed, reducing the likelihood of water damage from taller plants. They’re also easier to remove and replace, if ever necessary. They’ve also been designed to reduce light bleed in your home, so the lights shine on your plants not on you.

Easier to access user interfaces

User interfaces such as the WiFi button and light controls have been redesigned for ease of use and durability. You can use the Rise button on the front of your garden to manually control your lights and your pump. 

Newly engineered pump dry-run protection

With this newly-engineered feature, the pump will detect when there's not enough water to run properly. It will automatically sense low water and shut off, protecting your pump from running while dry and burning the motor.

Designed to keep water cooler

With the redesign, our engineers created more distance between water and any heat-generating components, which leads to cooler water than the original garden and happier, healthier plants.

A brand new color

The New Rise Garden now comes in two different colors: Cloud and Charcoal! 

We hope you love the new Rise Garden as much as we do. We can't wait to see what you grow!

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