Gift Card terms & conditions

The Gift Card is not a credit or charge Gift Card. Rise Gardens Gift Cards can be used as a payment method for all products in except for gift cards and subscription products. Gift Cards are not valid on amazon.

The balance on the Gift Card may be used for full or part payment of the USD cost of Rise Gardens online products. To check your balance online please click the link in the email you recieved. Unused balance will remain on the Gift Card and may be applied to future purchases. Gift Cards can be used towards the purchase of goods at a higher price than its face value upon payment of the difference. The Gift Card cannot be exchanged or redeemed in whole or part for cash.
If you have made an Online payment with a Gift Card in whole or part and any item paid for using the Gift Card is accepted for return the amount owing will be added to a new Gift Card. 
To use a Gift Card in full or part payment for orders made Online: When proceeding to checkout, paste the 16 digit card number into "Gift card or discount code" field.
If the value of the items purchased Online is less than the total value of the Gift Card, you can re-enter the same Gift Card details on another occasion to redeem the remaining balance on your Gift Card. If the value of the items purchased online is more than the total value of the Gift Card, you will need to pay the balance using additional Gift Cards , or a credit/debit card.
Gift cards are stackable.

If you have any issue with your Gift card please contact us through our automated chat at

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