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5 Ways your Rise Garden Can Help You This Holiday Season

5 Ways your Rise Garden Can Help You This Holiday Season

From the freshest ingredients to holiday themed crafts, decorating and more, your Rise Garden is here to help you out this holiday season.

We have five easy ways your Rise Garden can help!

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Feed Your Family and Your Guests the Freshest Ingredients

Caprese skewers during the holidays are nothing new but if you have ever had a tomato during the winter then you know they don’t taste the best. With your Rise Garden, you’ll be serving up the freshest tomatoes and basil for your holiday appetizers, seasonal meals, and more. 

Make Holiday Place Settings

Most of us have seen those beautiful tablescapes on social media. They can seem overwhelming but you can start small with rosemary sprigs at your place settings during holiday dinners. Herbs are perfect accent pieces for centerpieces and so much more. 

DIY Gifting with Your Rise Gardens Produce

With an abundance of herbs and vegetables in your Rise Garden, DIY gifting this season is easy. From homemade herby breads and crackers to dried herb blends, the possibilities are endless. 

Freshen Up Your Holiday Cocktails 

It’s cocktail season and what better way to spruce up your holiday cocktail bars than with fresh herbs! Say hello to Christmas sangrias, a fresh holiday spritz, seasonal margaritas and martinis, and the ultimate New Year’s Eve bar. 

Add a special touch to your holiday gift wrapping

For a special touch this holiday season, use fresh herbs with your holiday gift wrapping. Grab some neutral wrapping paper, a beautiful ribbon, and some fresh rosemary or lavender for an elegant, natural gift wrap that will impress your giftees! 

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