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Bring the coastal grandmother aesthetic alive with a Rise Garden

Bring the coastal grandmother aesthetic alive with a Rise Garden

So you want to try out the coastal grandmother* Tik Tok trend? The great news is that you’re already doing it thanks to your Rise Garden. That’s because “coastal grandmother” isn’t just a Tik Tok trend, it’s a lifestyle. She may love khaki pants and an oversized Oxford shirt, but it’s how she lives, eats and enjoys the best of life that you can replicate anywhere. The coastal grandmother loves her dinners on the patio and her summer tomatoes. She loves her cocktails any time of the day and she keeps it simple. Luckily, you can join in on the coastal grandmother trend anywhere thanks to the Rise Garden.


Rise Gardens

Our guide to going coastal grandmother:

Grow tomatoes. Besides wine, summer tomatoes are a coastal grandmother’s best accessory. 

Rise Gardens

Wear that perfectly curated white outfit while gardening and never get an ounce of dirt on it. No movie magic here. The Rise Garden is a hydroponic garden with grow pods made of coco noir and peat moss. It keeps your outfit Instagram-ready while growing your summer garden.

Grow summer herbs like mint and basil. Coastal grandmothers always have these essential summer herbs on hand for their caprese salads and their mojitos on girls' night. 

Menu plan simple meals with whole foods and fresh ingredients. Simple is the name of the game when it comes to coastal grandmas. Growing fresh ingredients indoors allows you to know exactly what’s in the food you eat—and nothing is as simple as relaxing on the patio reading a book before heading in to harvest greens and tomatoes for tonight’s dinner. 

Grow flowers. Coastal grandmothers always have beautiful flowers in their yards, in vases, and all around. By growing flowers in your Rise Garden, you’ll always have flowers blossoming in your home.

Unplug with your Rise Garden. Coastal grandmother is about less effort, unplugging from social media, and living in the moment. Your Garden is the perfect opportunity to unplug. From planting, pruning, and harvesting to a serene space for meditation, your Garden can create peaceful moments throughout your day. 

Now, put on some James Taylor and your favorite cashmere cardigan, pour yourself a glass of wine to sip while you read a book by the garden. You are officially living the coastal grandmother life. And, don’t worry—we won’t tell anyone you live on the 44th floor in downtown Chicago and not a summer house in Wilmington, North Carolina. 

*While we use the name of the branded trend, we fully welcome everyone to this trend—coastal grandfathers, coastal persons, and anyone who wants to live an easy “coastal” lifestyle.

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