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Chioggia Beet

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Highly curated assortment of seed pods that are hard to find — and only the finest.
  • Description

    These beets have light green leaves and pink flesh on the bulb. When you cut the bulb the inside has pink and white concentric circles throughout. Beets grown larger than 3” will have a difficult time being harvested.

  • Gardening Tips

    It's very important to thin this plant so that you only have a single beet per pod. Otherwise they will get overcrowded.

  • Chioggia Beet Story

    Beta vulgaris has three types of beets in their family. There is the classic red beet and the sweet golden beet. Then the most unique and colorful chioggia beet. This is 1840s beet is an heirloom that comes from Mediterranean coast of Italy. Chioggia is a quaint coastal town outside of the Venetian Lagoon. Now this beet, that is one of the earliest garden beets, has made its way from a small fishing village to your home. It has a milder and sweeter taste than your typical red beet. Most importantly it is disturbed by its unique inside. It has alternating rings of red and white that resemble a candy cane or bullseye.

  • Seed Pod Details

    Crop Variety Beet chioggia
    Edible Plant YES
    Size ( Tall=>12" / Short =>12" short
    Sprouts in ( Days) 5
    Lasts for ( total days to harvest) 57
    Thin this Plant?
    Level of pruning (0 = none, 1= 1/m, 2= 2/m, 3/m) 0
    Pollination?  No
     # of harvest 1

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